And so it begins…

I’ve tried to start multiple things. Actually, I’m amazing at starting things. Absolutely fantastic. The problem comes in with follow through and completion; I fail miserably at both. This is an attempt to follow something through with as much excitement, enthusiasm and commitment as I have for the start of it.

A few months back, I was emailing my mom and was very excited about my newfound commitment to looking and feeling great. “By my birthday, I’ll be in the best shape of my adult life!” (Now, I do need to include “adult” in there as I was a competitive gymnast as a child and I know that no matter how much I commit to this, I will never be in the same shape I was when I was 11 and training 20+ hours per week).

My birthday is now less than 3 months away – October 1 – and I’m quite convinced I’m in exactly the same shape I was those determined, optimistic months ago. Bugger.

Maybe I won’t be in the best shape ever by October, but I am back on the commitment wagon and still want to look amazing when my birthday rolls around. I also want to improve my balance, strength and cardio by the summer so I can take on some of the more adventurous challenges New Zealand has to offer; surfing, rock climbing, hiking and camping – without whining to my boyfriend that I’m tired, sore, exhausted or just unable to keep up.

Hopefully this blog will keep me honest and motivated. Having a written reference to all the foods – good and bad – I’ve indulged in may help keep those sugary, fatty foods away from my mouth. And a record of all physical activity will may be the little kick in the pants I need to actually get up and do something when the couch looks so comfortable and inviting.

So wish me luck! Here’s hoping my journey is just as exciting, inspiring and motivating three months from now as it is right now.


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