The lunch dilemma

Admittedly, the main reason for posting this is so I don’t see that massive photo of me as soon as I load the page. Moving on…

A big, big part of this journey is going to be the food I eat. I love food. LOVE it. And though I really enjoy cooking and baking, I’m generally too tired/rushed/lacking ingredients to cook that often. Dinners I can usually manage to throw something together, but I fail at making my own lunches for work. And between wanting to be healthier and wanting to save some money, this is going to have to change.

One good thing about buying lunch, though, is that I have to walk about 1 km / 15 minutes each way to and from the shops. It’s no marathon, but I figure that extra 30 minutes of walking helps work off at least a few of the calories contained in those delicious takeaway lunches.

Today was a walk-to-the-shops-to-buy-lunch day. While there, I stopped by the Asian supermarket and picked up heaps of fresh fruits and veggies; apples, bananas, mango, pear, avocado, onions, shallots, lettuce, onions, asparagus, cucumber, zucchini and coriander. 2 massive, heavy bags full of deliciousness for $18. I figure carrying those a km back to the office knocks off a few lunch calories, too.

My lunch choice itself was healthy, too. 4 pieces of fresh salmon and avocado sushi; one of the only ways I’ll actually eat fish, to be honest. I can’t stand cooked salmon, but I absolutely love good, fresh pieces and slivers of salmon in sushi. Of course, I’m not about to survive on 4 pieces of sushi all day. I also brought a small yogurt and some slices of left-over roast beef in from home and a coworker brought in a big bag full of mandarins from her dad’s house, so I’ve been snacking on those throughout the day, too.

I’m going to try to get more strict with my diet as I get deeper into this journey, but I think choosing sushi over pad thai is good enough for now.


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