Baby steps

“But I walk to and from work everyday. That’s 15-20 minutes and about 1 km each way!”

Possibly my favourite excuse for skipping out on Zumba class or having an entire chocolate bar after dinner. I’ve already exercised heaps that day!

While this is a totally weak excuse to start off with, it becomes basically obsolete when I decide I’m going to drive into work. The block or two walk from wherever I park my car to the office does not a workout make.

Granted, last week I had an excuse. I had the flu and though it wasn’t bad enough to keep me home from work, it was bad enough to make me feel weak and dizzy after walking more than a minute or two. So I drove to work. Monday rolls around and I’m almost better, but it’s raining and miserable outside… so car it is! And as I’ve got my ipod ready and I’m about to start walking to work Tuesday morning, a raindrop hits me smack in the forehead. And it’s back to the car.

This morning, though? No excuses. (Mainly because it was sunny and lovely outside). My ipod has a bunch of new, energetic songs on it and I’m walking. And it felt good. I mean, the hills in Auckland are plentiful and both my legs and lungs were a little shocked by their newfound demands – but it felt good.

So my curent mini-goal? Stop taking the car to work. It’s a bloody 15-20 minute walk! It’s really not that far! Unless the weather is absolutely dreadful or I’m sick, I’ve got absolutely no reason to drive in to the office. And knowing I’m going to walk at least 2 km every day is a good start to building up my stamina, working my cardio and getting some exercise in every day. Baby steps.



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2 responses to “Baby steps

  1. I walk to and from the gym every Saturday and Sunday although when it’s raining I skip it. I don’t feel bad I think of it as ‘rest’ ha ha.

    • I skip the walk to work if it’s raining. The last thing you want to do is start the workday (or workout) wet and miserable!
      And rest is important! Give your muscles time to rebuild and all that. ha

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