Recipes galore

A problem I seem to keep falling into is eating the same thing over and over again – and getting absolutely sick of it. It’s great to have those 4 or 5 meals that are yummy, quick and easy to whip up with little thought or fancy ingredients, but I find I start to only make those meals and after a couple of weeks, I can’t bear the thought of eating another one of “those” meals.

Today I decided that I was going to do something about that. Instead of going out and spending a heap of money on new cookbooks with fancy photos and witty titles, I hit the internet to scope out some great (free!) recipes and found

What’s great about that site is that you can search by type of meal, key ingredient or dietary need. I searched “Gluten Free”, “Low G.I.” and “Low Calorie” and ended up with almost 2,000 results. Now, be careful because a lot of things aren’t necessarily what they say they are. (I’ve found multiple recipes listed as “gluten free” that contain pasta or breads!) All in all, though, it’s a really great resource. I’ve been copy-pasting recipes I like into a Word document and am up to 26 pages of scrumptious new recipes I can’t wait to try out. And I’ll try to remember to post my favourite and most successful recipes up here, as well. (Possibly with photos – if I’m feeling really ambitious!)

Keeping things new and fresh and exciting is key to sticking with them, I think. And I’m hoping a regular stream of new foods and recipes to try out will do just that to the diet* side of my journey.

*Diet as in what I eat, not so much in the dreaded “salad and steamed fish only!”, calorie-reduced, fat/sugar/carb/taste-free version of the word.



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2 responses to “Recipes galore

  1. I do exactly the same thing I look up recipes and if they seem great I copy and paste them into word too. I then rate them as I make them and anything that is 8 out 10 I give another go and tweak it to my own tastes. I love it.

    • It’s a great way to add some variety to meals while still cooking at home.
      I do the same thing, too. Make it exactly to the recipe the first time round and if I like it, keep the recipe but tweak here and there next time I make it. I find it also helps make grocery shopping easier, too. I can look through my recipes, choose a bunch that I might want that week and pick up what I need for each. Often ingredients overlap and I don’t actually have to buy all that much stuff to be prepared for a few different meals.

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