August goals

Larissa and I were chatting Friday about this whole journey and we got onto the topic of goals and how it’s easier to stay motivated when you have (attainable) goals to work towards. That started me thinking about my goals. What do I want to accomplish, specifically? What can I work towards that’s measurable and trackable? What are my short- and long-term goals?

Long-term goal is getting fit. Sure. It isn’t really that specific, though. Nor is it really that easily measurable. I can work towards it but I can’t really chart my progress in a way that I can see the results and feel motivated to keep going. That said, I’m leaving it as my long-term goal… for now.

Short term, I want something specific and measurable and attainable. Something I can work towards and know easily whether I’ve reached it or not once the deadline hits. And since I’m not “dieting” per se, my goal is going to have absolutely nothing to do with weight.

So here it is:
– By August 1, I will be able to stand with my feet together, knees straight and touch my toes. My hamstrings have always been really tight and I want to focus on stretching them out and gaining flexibility there.
– Secondly, I will be able to do 5 full, regular pushups. I’m severely lacking in strength – especially upper body strength – so this will be a good start to building that up.

I know these goals might sound absolutely ridiculous, but they are two things that I think I think I can achieve and are both things that I have been meaning to focus on for a while. And I know I’ll be quite proud of myself if I can reach both of these goals by August 1st.


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