Who needs a gym?

…when you have physically demanding stuff to do at the office?

I was feeling a little guilty about the Zumba class I know I’m going to be skipping tonight. I pay per class, so there’s no financial loss when I skip out, but I do always feel a little guilty, especially since one of my coworkers is amazing about going pretty much every week.

Thankfully, I have absolutely no reason to feel guilty anymore because I spent the better part of 3 hours lifting, moving and reorganizing about 80 boxes in our offsite storage, with each box weighing anywhere from 5-15 lbs, if not more.

3 hours!

Oh yeah, then I came back to the office and shifted another 15 or so boxes.

So, no, I won’t feel guilty about missing a 60 minute Zumba class to meet up with a friend for a drink and chat. I’ll feel even less guilty when I wake up tomorrow and can’t move my arms without pain.

Also, I’m happy to report that even with going out to a pub to watch a big rugby game and PMSing (TMI?) I manage to keep healthy with my eating all weekend. My biggest indulgence was eggs on gluten-free toast with chicken bacon, which I really HAD to eat after my boyfriend made it for me while I was still sleeping and brought it to me in bed. Really, there was no way I could possibly have turned that down!



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3 responses to “Who needs a gym?

    • Thanks! I think it’s the little things that can really add up. Walking instead of driving somewhere… getting up and moving around instead of just sitting at a desk all day…

      My arms and back are definitely feeling it today, though!

      • Tonya


        I work in a 6 story building and I am on the 1st floor. I make it a point to take the stairs to the top floor once per day. LOL! My heart rate gets a good jolt. I always park far away at the store or mall so I can walk a big too! Activity is very important!

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