Just before I started this blog, I had an awful cold/flu. Sore back, fever, chills, no apetite or energy and felt quite sorry for myself. And thanks to the joys of winter, I’m sick again. Not oh-my-god-I’m-so-sick-I’m-gonna-die sick. But congested-head-coughy-sinusy-bleh sick.

I decided to drive to work. I figured the cold, dark, drizzly weather won’t do anything to help me get better faster. To somewhat make up for that, though, I danced around my bedroom like a woman possessed this morning. After my shower, I was freezing (damn non-insulated NZ homes!) and still felt like I needed to wake up. I already had it in my mind that I wasn’t going to walk to work and felt a little guilty for that. So I grabbed my laptop, started up iTunes and got some very “club” songs playing – starting with the 5 minute remix of “Hello Good Morning” by P Diddy. And I danced. Hips swinging, arms flailing, shoulders shaking and abs definitely working.

I know 5-10 minutes of unabashed dancing isn’t going to make up for the almost 4 km walking I’m missing today, but I keep telling myself it’s about the little things. And that I’m never going to get down on myself or beat myself up if I don’t feel my diet/exercise was “perfect” that day. I’m sick. My body needs energy to rest up and get better. I still did something and got my heart rate up, even if only for a few minutes and I’m still eating well.

Day 2 of supplements, as well. No clue if they’re doing anything, but I haven’t had any adverse reactions, so that’s good. Just one more thing to make a part of my regular, new, healthy routine!


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