Flat-tummy Friday

My body aches. Not painful omg-I-can’t-move aches, but hey-I-haven’t-used-THOSE-muscles-in-a-while ache. Since I haven’t been to a gym or done any significant workouts, I can only credit it to luggin a bunch of boxes around the office yesterday and coughing like a mad woman due to this cold. I remember when I had whooping cough a couple years ago – worst illness of my life! – I would joke that at least my abs were getting a hell of a workout.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I couldn’t stop looking at and poking my stomach. No, I haven’t really worked on getting it tight and toned, per se, but I’m definitely seeing it start to shrink a little. Nothing drastic, but I definitely notice. When I get downstairs, I blurt out “Look how flat my stomach’s getting!!” Andrew looks at me – and my stomach – and says “It looks amazing. Same as always”. Some people might be annoyed that their boyfriend hadn’t already noticed and praised the shrinking waistline, but I actually think it’s sweet. He really doesn’t nitpick my body the way I do and honestly thinks I look great. “It’s because I haven’t had chocolate in 3 weeks!”, with that slight tone of self-praise and a smile, and carried on getting ready for work.

I’ve decided not to measure or weigh myself. Not yet, at least. Possibly at the 4-week mark? Not so much to see how much I’ve lost and how much I’ve got left to work off, but more out of interest and curiosity to see what a small change in diet and exercise can do over the course of a month.
And some Friday randomness:

  • Apparently an almond on top of a dried apricot tastes like a cookie, satisfies sugar cravings and has 24 calories. I’m going to test out this theory next time I get a sugar craving. Bonus – no gluten!


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4 responses to “Flat-tummy Friday

  1. Good for you and your shrinking stomach!! Please report back on the faux cookie – I may need to try that.

    • I’m already eating about a dozen or so almonds a day and notice a slight sweetness to them. I’m a little skeptical that adding a dried apricot will make it magically transform into a faux cookie, but am excited to try. Will definitely let you know what I think!

  2. oh my gosh! I have to try the apricot/almond cookie. Wouldn’t that be amazing!?

  3. Ok, I tied the dried apricot/almond snack. Doesn’t really taste like a cookie, but is yummy and definitely can curb a sweets craving. I found it hard to get the perfect balance of almond to apricot – since each almond and each apricot were different sizes – but I think a large almond with small-ish apricot is my fave. Or two smaller almonds with one larger apricot.
    In any case, I’m going to keep a small pack of dried apricots and some almonds on hand in my kitchen cabinet as little treats when I need a pick up. 🙂

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