I call bullsh*t

Recently, I’ve seen a few articles debunking fitness myths and a few have said:
“Myth: Muscle weighs more than fat. Fact: One pound of muscles weighs the exact same amount as one pound of fat – it’s just more compact.”

Are you serious!?!

With that logic, you can say that bricks don’t weigh more than feathers, lead doesn’t weigh more than cotton candy and granite doesn’t weigh more than bubble wrap.  Obviously one pound of ANYTHING will weigh the exact same amount as a pound of anything else. A pound is a pound is a pound.

Telling people that muscle weighs more than fat isn’t perpetuating a myth! If two people have the exact same measurements, but one has 45% body fat and the other has 5% body fat, the person with less fat and more muscle will weigh a significant amount more. Why? Because muscles is denser and weighs more per cubic foot than fat does.

Clearly muscle takes up far less space by weight!

In the photo above, you can see a replica of 5 lbs fat and 5 lbs muscle. Yes, both those pieces weigh the same, but look at the size difference! Now imagine the difference in weight if you were to take one square inch of each and weigh it.

Sure, you can’t just hop on the scale and declare you’ve only gained weight because you’re adding muscle and it weighs more than fat. BUT, if your measurements are getting smaller and you’re losing inches but not losing as much weight as you expected, you can probably chalk that up to the additional muscle on your frame.


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