Since I’ve started this whole thing – a whopping 3.5 weeks ago – I’ve been feeling progressively better and seeing little improvements here and there. I don’t feel bloated or weighed down anymore. I’m not full of unbridled energy or anything, but I feel GOOD.

Or, um, felt.

Yesterday was the first time in almost a month I didn’t feel good. I know exactly why, too. Food. Andrew wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t want to make a big meal for dinner if his appetite wasn’t that big. So I toasted up 2 pieces of toast each and topped them with tuna mixed with a little homemade mayo. On top of that I layered some homemade guacamole (avocado, red onion, garlic, cilantro, lime juice and salt & pepper). These open face sandwiches are one of my absolute favourites recently. They are SO good and a much better option than the loads of bubbly cheese on the tuna melts we used to have.

As delicious as healthy as they are, though, 2 of them does not a meal make. Especially not when the 2 are on tiny little gluten-free bread slices.

Mistake #1: Pretending that would be enough food for the night.

About 30 minutes later I’m still hungry, so I make myself a little bowl of about 1/2 cup plain yogurt with about 1/2 cup toasted muesli mixed in. Another 30 minutes or so later and I’m still hungry, so I toast 2 more slices of bread and top them with some sliced tomatoes, red onion, a little mayo and salt & pepper.

Now, that should have been enough. Or I should have cut up some veggies if I really wanted some more to eat. Instead, Andrew mentions he’s still a little hungry and I say I’ll make us popcorn. While the popcorn’s popping away, I also make Andrew a mug of lemon juice, honey, garlic and hot water – to help soothe his throat. I’m so focused on that, the popcorn burns. Not horribly, but enough that Andrew won’t eat much of it. …so I end up eating about 3/4 of a bag of popcorn.

Mistake #2: Eating and eating just because something is in front of me.

By the time I went to bed, my stomach was no impressed. I didn’t feel awful and I know I’ve felt FAR worse after eating fried foods, too much sugar, too much Thanksgiving turkey with gravy and stuffing… but I did not feel good. Ditto this morning. I felt a little bloated and just generally a little blah.

It’s ok, though. Last night reminded me how much better I feel when I’m eating healthy, balanced meals and only eating until I’m satisfied, not stuffed. The slightly burnt popcorn has slightly soured me on popcorn in general, so I’ll be avoiding that for a little while. I’ll also be avoiding any thoughtless in-front-of-the-TV eating as well as deciding I “must” finish off any food in front of me, regardless of whether or not I’m hungry. I don’t feel bad or guilty or like I’ve let myself down. I just feel like I reinforced just how much healthy eating benefits me.

And, to be honest, I’m a little surprised it took this long for me to slip up enough to really feel the effects! If I can keep it down to about once a month or less in the future, I think I”ll be doing pretty well…


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