The new plan

Last night, a whole bunch of things came together for me. It was one of those “AHA!” moments.

I’ve been putting off joining a gym because they’re kind of crazy expensive here. I used to go to a gym in Toronto that was $20/month. It wasn’t super flash, but it was women-only and had a few classes like yoga and pilates included in the monthly fees. If I could find anything like that here, I would’ve joined ages ago. Or, at least, considered it!

The last few weeks, I’ve been researching local gyms and weighing my options. Most were quoting me $25-30 per week, plus a couple hundred as a “joining fee” and a minimum 12 month contract. The cheapest I found was $16/week, no joining fee, but that included a 36 month contract. Thanks, but no.

Yesterday, I found a gym that is $11/week if you do direct deposit weekly or $10/week if you pay for 3 months as a lump sum upfront. Plus they have at least 2-3 classes I could see taking every week, included in that price. It’s right downtown, so there probably isn’t much parking, but it’s easy to bus to, from both home and work. I’m going to go by this weekend to check it out.

I brought it up with Andrew – who has a chest infection, so gyms are the last thing he wants to think about, I’m sure – because I was so excited about my cheap gym discovery. He said we should go to somewhere closer, in the suburb, where there’s parking. Of course, he couldn’t find any with similar fees. Money is always a consideration with him – especially since we’re saving for a house. And that’s when it all clicked for me. “This gym is $10/week, which is $130 lump sum for 3 months” I said. “I can sell my Wii with all its games and that will cover almost a year’s membership!”

It clicked.

I bought my Wii because of Wii Fit. I loved it and used it about an hour every day when I first got it. When I wasn’t working and had all day to do whatever. When our living room was laid out differently and there was space for it. I haven’t used it in ages. It’s hooked up to a tiny TV in the guest room and usually just sits there. The poor thing is neglected and collecting dust.

Wii is super fun – especially when we have friends over – but it really isn’t being used enough to keep around. Especially when selling it could pay for a year’s membership at the gym! And so I listed it online for sale.

I’m excited. I’ll miss my Wii. I’ll miss the yoga poses, but I know an actual hourlong yoga class at the gym will be SO much better. I’ll miss the hula hoop aerobics game, but I know doing cardio at the gym will be much more effective. I’ll miss the sports resort games with friends, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find something else to do with our time. (Or if I really go through withdrawal, I’ll pop over to my friends’ who will have their Wii and Sports Resort).

So that’s the plan. Sell my Wii Fit – originally purchased to help me get in shape – and use the proceeds to enroll in a gym – more likely to actually get me in shape. And I’m so excited!



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6 responses to “The new plan

  1. sounds like a GREAT PLAN !!!! Enjoy the gym! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m just hoping I can keep up the commitment of going regularly – especially if the bf decides he’s not joining. I think knowing I’m paying whether I’m there or not will help get me there.

  2. Sounds like a great plan. I have wondered if I would like a Wii fit and if I would use it much after the newness wore off. Probably not. Enjoy the gym:)

    • Wii Fit is a lot of fun. I think it was a combination of not really having a great space to use it (and a tiny TV) and the lack of “routines”. Wii Fit has great yoga poses that measure your balance and weight distribution and some great cardio and muscle toning workouts, but you have to do one exercise, then it’ll give you feedback and then you have to choose your next exercise before you start. So it’s a lot of waiting around and stopping between exercises. Ok to learn how to do each move properly, but not great for an actual workout. I think Wii Fit Plus is better for that, but I think the gym’s a better investment. 🙂

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