Celebrations! (and a little cheat treat)

Ok. This was the week I cheated. Twice, now. Not “omg-forget-I-ever-started-this-stupid-thing!” cheats or even “well-that-undid-everything-I-worked-for-the-last-3-weeks” cheat. Just little “oops” cheats.

I already mentioned the popcorn incident from earlier this week. The second one was far less my fault! Not that I’m trying to shift blame or pass off responsibility, but the whole situation was somewhat out of my hands and I think, given the circumstances, I did quite well.

Yesterday was my boss’ birthday. We’re a pretty close group at work, especially now that we’re in our slow season and there’s only 5 of us here full-time. So the boss decided for his birthday we were all going to go out for high tea at the Langham Hotel – Auckland’s only 5-star hotel.

When I made the reservation, I let them know that there were two vegetarians and one person with gluten allergies (me). They said that was fine and they were looking forward to seeing us at 1 pm.

Since “tea” is typically sandwiches, scones and pastries, I was really, really hoping the gluten-free option would be something like a small selection of sushi and seafood with some fruits and veggies – something I know they have featured on their standard menu. Turns out it’s basically the same as the standard tea, but on dry, kind of crumbly gluten-free bread. Disappointing! But at $34 a person, I could hardly peck away at the few pieces of fruit and leave the rest – especially since I had my own little 3-tiered tray like in the photo. (Actually, I sat on that exact couch, too.)

So I ended up having a selection of little sandwiches and gluten-free scones – with some light whipped unsweetened cream and jam. And then there was the entire plate of desserts on top. One month ago, I would’ve eaten the entire thing, then possibly looked at the other platters to see if there was any other dessert that was gluten-free I could steal. Yesterday, I looked at the plate and wondered what I could possibly do to make it look like I ate most of it without actually eating most of it. I had the fruit skewer (yum!) and passed the chocolate-covered peanut cluster to the girl beside me. And then I ate the entire palm-sized meringue with jam and cream in the middle the jam and cream scooped out onto my plate as they were too sweet.

What’s odd is that I don’t feel bad about it. I’ve gone almost 4 weeks without any sugary desserts. Shouldn’t I be beating myself up over caving? Shouldn’t I feel guilty about my weak will power and lack of control? Shouldn’t I be punishing myself today with a diet of carrots and celery to make up for it?


I went into tea knowing I would probably be given a whole heap of foods I wouldn’t have ordered for myself. I also knew I wasn’t paying and that it was a special treat for us all to be there. I didn’t over-indulge, but I enjoy each and every single bite. And I don’t feel one bit guilty. In fact, I took it all as a bit of a celebration because…

I got a huge promotion at work!

They actually announced it just after we had all got settled in for our tea. Within a few weeks, I’m going from “Office Manager” (aka: admin lackey) to “Production Manager” (aka: in charge of running an entire show’s production, start to finish). Which means I’m back into actual TV production again, not just working for a TV company, I get a decent raise and I can actually work my way up. PM can eventually lead to producer, which can eventually lead to executive producer… You see where I’m going.

So, yes, I “cheated” yesterday. A little dessert at tea and a green curry chicken takeaway for dinner as a treat from Andrew to congratulate me (the healthier choice than pad thai, I guessed!). Thing is, I didn’t feel any negative effects at all. I’m not tired, rundown or bloated. Maybe it’s masked by the remaining glow of the promotion, but I think it’s just that it wasn’t a big enough diet detour to really affect anything. I’m still feeling great, I’m still feeling motivated and I’m still on-track.

I think the key in all this is being realistic. Life is never perfect and life is never going to follow your plans. Accepting that and not getting too caught up in the minor little details – or beating yourself up over things you can’t control – can go a long way. And when you have to cheat, cheat sensibly! Let yourself have a small dessert or two. Just don’t polish off the entire desert platter.



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6 responses to “Celebrations! (and a little cheat treat)

  1. Danielle, first – congrats!! I’m glad you’re not beating yourself up about the few treats. I don’t even think you should call it cheating, because you are simply living life. Great job!

    Also, this is funny bc I am a tv news producer! Well good luck with the promotion, that is a great step!

    • I don’t really feel like it’s cheating – which is probably another reason I’m not upset about it. You’re right, it’s living life. πŸ™‚
      Small world, eh? Thank you! I started in production as an audience coordinator’s assistant back in 2001 and was a production coordinator for 3 years before I moved to NZ from Toronto. When I got to Auckland, I had a hard time getting into the industry here and ended up taking a job as office manager for a production company, which was a bit of a step back but at least it was full-time and in the industry. A year and a chat with the head of production later and they agree I would be a good PM and are training me up to start on a show mid-August. It’s definitely a step back in the right direction and I’m so excited about it.

  2. That is so awesome!! I actually used to be a reporter, but when I moved to Las Vegas, NV I had a hard time getting back into the industry… so started as an associate producer, and now have my own show. Love how we’re both paying our dues, annoying… but at least we’re moving up in the world!! Congrats!

    • It can be really hard to get back in after a break/move. But once you’re back in, you can work your way back up, exactly as you said, by paying your dues. It’ll be worth it in the long-run, though! Congrats to you, too. Having your own show is impressive! πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats! You should be celebrating! Not worrying about a few treats, its ridiculous. πŸ™‚ You’ll more then make up for it, when you feel like it. I’m following you, just thought you should know. πŸ™‚


    • I know. And I’m not actually worrying, to be honest. (Which is weird, because in the past I would’ve decided that I’d cheated and spoiled my diet and given up!) I guess it just shows how much of a mental adjustment I’ve made this time round.
      And I’ve added you to my list of “like minded blogs”. Will be following you, as well. πŸ™‚

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