Week 5

I’ve got 4 weeks under my now looser-fitting belt. I will do a weigh in and take measurements on Thursday Aug 5, at the official “1 month” point. Since I don’t have heaps of weight or inches to lose, I figure doing it any more than once a month is a little silly – and would probably leave me disappointed and discouraged.

Though, I suppose I should talk about my goals. That is, being able to touch my toes and doing 5 pushups by August 1st (yesterday).

Yeah, about those. Um. Pass?

Ultimately, I want to be able to do this.

I think I might have been a little ambitious with those. Sure, it’s probably possible to have achieved those goals within that timeframe, but it would’ve taken far more commitment and training than I actually did. I have been trying to stretch my hamstrings for at least a few minutes each night before bed. I think it’s going to take more than that – and for a longer stretch of time – to significantly improve my flexibility, though. I’m fine with that… it’ll stay as something I’m actively working on.

Push-ups are another story. I’ve been completely slack with those! I’m hoping when I actually start going to a gym regularly, I’ll improve my
strength overall.
Which leads me to the gym… I was supposed to go check it out over the weekend. That didn’t happen for two reasons:

  1. I haven’t sold my Wii yet and the money from that is going to pay my membership.
  2. Andrew was still getting over his chest infection. I know that doesn’t specifically involve me, but I really want Andrew to join with me so I have a workout partner and more motivation to go. I also know Andrew’s not going to be talked into joining any gym when he’s sick and miserable and I didn’t want to go alone and then go back a second time with him and deal with the sales pitch etc twice. He’s promised to come with me next weekend.

A little stall there. Ah well. I kept researching gyms in the area and this one still seems like the best deal in the best location with the best classes, etc. I need to subtly talk it up to Andrew over the upcoming week. Subconsciously get it into his head that he really wants to join, too…



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4 responses to “Week 5

  1. A month already! Now about that gym…

    • I know!
      It’s funny, I find myself wanting to go work out when I’m just at home with not much to do. I think it’ll be easy to get into once I’m signed up… Will do it this weekend. No excuses. 🙂

  2. I love that you’re only weighing yourself monthly. I am trying to figure out how often to weigh myself… because when I do it weekly I always seem disappointed. Lame.

    • I want to keep myself in the mentality that I’m doing this to get healthier/fitter, not specifically to lose weight. I think not weighing myself often and focusing more on what I’m eating and how I’m feeling helps keep that mindframe. Monthly measurements/weigh ins seem to make sense to me. Long enough to (hopefully!) see at least small results without being something I’m always thinking about. I weighed myself daily for a while (when I used Wii Fit daily) and I would get frustrated and upset with the variations – even if I knew it was just water weigh or whatever. Keeping the scales and measuring tape away most of the time will hopefully keep me focused on the health part of this!

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