“Oh, you’re one of those!”

By those, my friend meant “grazer”. One of those people who would rather eat small portions all day than 3 separate, more substantial meals. And, I guess, I am one of those. Especially at work. I’m usually busy enough that it’s hard to take 30 minutes or so to sit down and have a proper, full lunch. Plus I’m not usually hungry enough to eat that much. I almost never get omg-so-stuffed-I-can’t-move full and never omg-I’m-going-to-die hungry. It’s like a nice, almost constant level of tummy contentment.

My daily staples are apples, yogurt, almonds and roasted soy beans. I try to keep all of those things around the office as quick, easy snacks. Some other treats include corn cakes (like rice cakes, but corn) with peanut butter and jam or peanut butter and banana, carrot sticks and sliced chicken breast. Mangos if they aren’t too expensive.

I’m a little concerned I’m going to get sick of these at some point, though. It’s easier to stick with a diet if you’re always getting new, interesting and delicious foods added to it. It doesn’t matter what the food is, eat enough of it and you’ll get sick of it.

Any suggestions? What are your favourite healthy snacks? What do you do to keep yourself from falling into a same-food rut?



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4 responses to “Snacks

  1. I am a grazer too. I am actually trying to change this so I can be hungry for dinner with my hubby. My favorite snacks are string cheese and apple slices. Frozen grapes are pretty amazing too!!

    • Mmmm! I have a new-found love of apples since trying some types that weren’t available in Canada. (Pacific Rose is my current fave). I’ve heard people rave about frozen grapes, but I have really sensitive teeth so I think they might be too cold for me. :\

      What seems to work for me is to snack a little less in the afternoon – say, just a bit of yogurt around 3 – so by the time I finish work, walk home and make dinner, I’m usually hungry enough to eat a reasonably sized meal. (Followed by another small snack around 8:30! ha)

  2. Power to the grazers! I graze all day, but need a big meal at night. Otherwise I can’t sleep. Laughing Cow Cheese wedges on rice cakes are delicious, so I imagine it would be delightful on corncakes too. Also roasted garbanzo beans. Yum! Or hummus to dip veggies in. Okay, I’ll stop now. 🙂

    • Mmmm… hummus and frech veggies! I also love spinach and feta cheese dip with veggies, though that isn’t quite as healthy/low cal. Will have to try the garbanzo beans. I don’t eat enough non-meat protein…
      I’m the same. Graze all day and have a good sized, proper meal at night. If I don’t have a good dinner, I just end up grazing and grazing and grazing and usually eating too much and feeling overfull and bleh.

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