Bring on month 2!

It’s officially been one month since I started this whole little experiment/journey/lifestyle change and all in all I’m really happy with how I’m doing so far. I’ve only made relatively minor changes so far, which I think is what has helped me stay on track so easily. I didn’t overhaul my life, I just became more conscious of what I’m eating, cut out sugary foods and tried to walk places instead of drive whenever possible.

I took my measurements and weight again this morning…

Bust: 90 cm / 35.4 inches  Down 1 cm
Waist: 67 cm /  26.4 inches  Down 1 cm
Hips: 97 cm / 38.2 inches  Down 1 cm
Thigh: 52 cm / 20.5 inches Down 1 cm

Weight: 58 kg / 128 lbs  Down 1 kg

Overall, I’m really happy. Deep down I was probably hoping the loss would be a little greater overall, to be honest, but realistically I know that’s not logical. My clothes still fit (though they are the slightest bit looser now) and, as I said, I’ve only been making small changes so far so I can’t expect unrealistic results.

I guess my unwritten goal in the first month was to just stick with it. Keep blogging, keep eating healthy foods, keep drinking enough water and walking as often as possible. Basically, just don’t get bored/frustrated and quit like I did every other time I’ve tried this. And I’ve done it! I’ve proven to myself I can change my routine and I can keep up a healthier lifestyle.

Month 2: Step it up.
I have a feeling if I just keep doing what I’m doing now, I’ll plateau very soon and I’m not where I want to be yet. So month 2 will be about building on the base I’ve set up this past month. I’m sticking with the healthy eating and walking everywhere and I’m adding actual workouts. I’m joining a gym and I’m going to use it at least once a week. That may sound silly, but baby steps are working for me, so I’m sticking with them! I could say 4 times per week, and probably stick to that for a little while, but I know things will come up, I won’t keep that goal and I’ll get discouraged and quit full stop. I know I can make it at least once a week, every week, no excuses. And if I go more, bonus! But I won’t be beating myself up for not meeting my own expectations.

So there it is, written and posted for the world to see. This month I will join a gym and I will go and get a decent workout there at least once a week.

What are your goals for this month?



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3 responses to “Bring on month 2!

  1. Great job!! Good luck moving forward, it sounds like you are on the right path!

  2. I want to be under 190 – as 189 means I’m offically “overweight” and not Obese. Super excited about life 5lbs down from now! 🙂

    And YES – stay AWAY from the coffee. I love it, but hate it so much. Haha.

    • You can do it!
      New Zealand is a coffee culture, for sure. Since moving here a year ago, I’ve had more coffee than I did the whole 25 years before, I’m sure! But every coffee you get here is the amazing espresso style with frothed milk and pretty little patterns like leaves and swirls on top. I limit myself to only having one if I’m out for brunch on Sunday or something, though, which is maybe once a month. I still feel jittery after one cup, so I think I’m safe from getting too addicted!

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