Weekend recap

I can sum up the entire weekend with a simple illustration:

Yep. That’s basically it.

Ok, now the weekend was a complete 48 hour binge, but I’m pretty sure I undid about 98% of all the work I’d put in this entire last month.

Friday night I had a couple girls over to celebrate my promotion and watch the season premiere of New Zealand’s Next Top Model. I grabbed a bunch of fresh veggies and made a snack platter. Awesome, right? Go me! Well, those veggies aren’t quite as great for you when they’e eaten with creamy onion dip. Oh, and with cheese and some chips and sausage rolls (!?!). And 3 glasses of champagne. …and some little biscuit things.


The icing on the cake, though, had to be Saturday morning. What’s the best thing to do after a night of slight overindulgence? Swing by McDonald’s for breakfast! gag. Yes. I don’t know what possessed me, but I started Saturday with an egg McMuffin (minus bread and only 1/3 the sausage – after 2 bites it was passed on to the bf), 1.5 hashbrowns (the extra half was from the bf for the sausage) and a small orange juice. UGH.

The rest of the weekend wasn’t really so bad, but was mainly spent feeling absolutely gross and bloated and blah. I had some yogurt and chopped up nectarine Saturday afternoon and a small bowl of green curry chicken on brown rice for dinner. Sunday was yogurt with muesli, leftover green curry chicken and rice, some fresh homemade gluten-free bread and a roast for dinner with roast potatoes, onions and garlic, steamed carrots and broccoli and a little gravy. Oh, and an apple in the evening.

It could’ve been worse.
It could’ve been way better.

To top it all off, my period starts today. Technically, that could be an excuse. I could explain (some of) the bloating. I also usually have an absolutely bottomless stomach right before, too. Increased appetite and rarely feel full after eating. That said, I can usually get around that by being conscious of it and eating what I think I should be eating and not just because I’m “hungry”.

Anyway, it’s over and done with and I can’t do anything at this point to change it. So onwards and upwards! I feel awful – physically – still. Bloated and sluggish and bleh. …the way I used to feel everyday before I switched my lifestyle! And I hate it. So detox week. Get back on track and remember this feeling any time I think about swaying again.

Hope your weekend was filled with far better foods than mine!



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4 responses to “Weekend recap

  1. You sound like me last week at this time! Don’t do what I did next – eat well for several days then binge again. Sigh. A few good days and you will be back in the groove in no time.

    • Thanks! And you’ll get back into the groove again soon, too. 🙂
      I was actually out of the office running around on meetings all day yesterday, so didn’t really have a chance to eat poorly. Snacked on dried apricots, almonds, soybeans and an apple throughout the day then had a reasonable dinner. Sounds like today will be much of the same. Hopefully that’ll get me back on track! I’m usually good when at the office all day, it’s when I’m not that throws me. If I can get through today, the rest of the week should be easy. At least, until Friday night… then it’s just a matter of not repeating last weekend!

  2. ugh, I hate that after-junk-food feeling! I try to think about that before driving into the McDonald’s parking lot… it usually helps me turn away.

    Also, I always eat a ton before my period. I’m wondering if the hormone changes make us hungrier???

    And your weekend could have been much worse. Instead of a binge I would just call it a tensy tiny mistake… you went on to eat well the rest of the weekend! Focus on that, you should be proud!

    • Agreed. I think I was too tired to really think of the after-junk-food-feeling. I had to drop by the office quickly and there’s a McDonalds around the corner. I’m usually great at ignoring and avoiding it… but I think I was tired and, at the time, it seemed like an easy breakfast. ughh.

      Hormones do probably have a lot to do with the constantly-hungry feeling. Stupid hormones.

      I’ve been eating well for a few days, but I think because I haven’t been drinking as much water and green tea as I usually do, I’m still massively bloated, which is making me feel like it’s worse than it is. Will try to hold any real judgement until next week sometime when my body’s back to normal.

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