The Long Way Home

As a general rule, Andrew goes to work around 7:30am and gets home around 4:30. Needless to say, I usually take the quickest route home when I’m done for the day so I can get home and see him. This week, though, he’s been testing a new broadcast playout system and while he’s still leaving around 7:30 every morning, he isn’t getting home until 6 or 6:30. Soon that’s going to shift to a 12-10pm work day.

While I’m not really looking forward to the 10-hour late shifts starting, having him working later than I do has its perks. When I know he’s at home, I just want to get home as fast as possible. If I know the apartment’s empty – and will be for a while – I don’t feel like there’s any rush.

This past week I’ve been taking the long way home. It’s about a 45 minute walk and goes along one of the funky shopping areas, past a park and a cemetery, over a highway, and through another little shopping strip before finishing with a gentle downhill path to my apartment. It’s a great way to finish off the day, especially when the weather’s nice. I’ll get some good music going on my ipod and mentally unwind – sorting through what’s happened that day and what I need to follow up on the next day. Plus I go right by a little Asian supermarket where I can grab some cheap veggies and things if I need anything for that night’s dinner.

The evenings seem to go by a lot quicker since we aren’t eating until closer to 7 pm now but we still get couch potato quality time together, even if Andrew is a little more stressed than usual with the extra work pressure.

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to look forward to my daily walks. I like the “me time”. I think the fact that the weather’s getting nicer and the sun isn’t setting until almost 6 pm helps, too. When Andrew starts his later shifts, I think my after-work routine will be: walk to the gym, do a workout, walk home. Like I said, if I know Andrew’s not home, I don’t really feel any rush to get to an empty apartment and this might be the perfect excuse to start up a new routine. Of course, I’m saying this as I’ve yet to even visit the gym for a tour, let alone sign up! But my Wii is sold and I’ve got the cash now. This weekend I’ll actually go see the gym. I swear!

Do you find your routine is affected by your partner?



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8 responses to “The Long Way Home

  1. When my husband started staying home almost 5 years ago I had a very tough time adjusting to not having the house to myself anymore during the day! So my routine was affected in a very different way. It took a long time to adjust.

    • Understandable!
      We’ll see if I end up sticking to my plan when everything changes. (Clearly I’m great at planning to do things – follow-through is the issue…) I don’t know what I’d do if both Andrew and I were home all day. Definitely a huge thing to adjust to!

  2. I absolutely feel like my routine is affected by my hubby. On his days off, he sometimes has Fridays and Saturdays off, my schedule and routine are completely thrown off. Soak up the ‘me time’. Sounds terrible, but hey! We all have to have some ‘me time’!

    And I love that you got your Wii sold and you are headed to the gym this weekend! ENJOY!

    • “Me time” is important for everyone’s sanity, I think!
      I’m so glad it sold, too. Took forever and went for a fair bit less than I was hoping for (to a guy who rolled up in a new BMW SUV!) but it’s gone and I have enough cash to get going at the gym for a little while. I hope I like it when I take a tour. My big thing is wanting to have some classes to do, so as long as they’ve got a decent schedule of classes and studio to hold them in, I’m good!

  3. I’ve started enjoying my walks too! yay for us. I like taking random routes around the city on my walks 🙂
    I hope the weather stays great.

    • New routes make the walks more fun. Like you’re exploring and not just trying to get home!
      The weather here’s been rather miserable – lots and lots of rain. I figure if I can enjoy my walks now, though, they’ll only get nicer as the weather improves! 🙂

  4. for years, my husband and i had very different schedules (i worked a lot of nights, him days) but now we do what we can to have dinner together every night of the week.

    i know what you mean about “me time”, i feel like running does that for me. i’m just not the same person without it! 🙂

    • Last year, my boyfriend worked a schedule of 2 weeks day shifts and then 2 weeks night shifts, repeat, while I was on days. We managed but I prefer working similar hours. I felt like I didn’t really see him for weeks at a time! Hopefully the noon-10pm shift won’t be quite as bad. (The other job was 7am-7pm or 7pm-7am shifts!)
      I think it’s so important to be able to take some time out each day and do something just for you and just with you. Keeps you sane. 🙂

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