Fun new apps

Periodically I flip through the “free” section of applications of the App Store on my iPod and this morning I found 2 that I thought I needed to download ASAP.

The first is: MyFitnessPal.
I’m sure a lot of you already know about this and maybe even are already using it. In case you, like me, are out of the loop, it’s basically a website/application to help make tracking calories consumed and burned easier. There’s a database that has a gazillion different foods and all their nutritional value as well as exercise and the calories they burn. You update your profile with the foods you’ve eaten and the exercises you’ve done each day and it’ll break it all down for you. How many calories, carbs, proteins and fats you ate. How many calories you burnt. And how that all relates to the goals you set for yourself.

I haven’t been doing ANY sort of tracking – of food or exercise – so I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick with this, or if I’ll even want to, but it is interesting! Plus the fact that i can update it on-the-go using my iPod is pretty cool. We’ll see how long I last…

The second one is: Passometer.
Basically, a fancy (free!) pedometer. I almost always have my iPod with me when I’m walking, so I was quite excited about this little find. It tracks speed, distance and calories as well as steps. It also has a music player that you can choose the playlist for. I’ve loaded up a bunch of my favourite high-energy walking songs from my iTunes and am excited to give it a go. It’s been a little finicky and crashed while trying to load songs a couple times, so I’m a little nervous about that…

It’s rainy and miserable out at the moment, but I didn’t actually bring a lunch to work today, so I’m going to have to go out at some point to grab some food. Will test it out then. Hopefully it’ll all work a charm and I’ll be able to track exactly how much walking I’m doing a day – and add it to my MyFitnessPal log!

Have you found any great applications/websites that help you keep on track?



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12 responses to “Fun new apps

  1. Another reason I need an iphone… I will add this to an already long list:)

    • I don’t have an iPhone, but I love my iPod touch. It does just about everything an iPhone does, except the phone bit. You can get almost all the same apps and check email etc – and costs a lot less than an iPhone (especially over time). Then again, I definitely wouldn’t decline an iPhone if offered!

  2. I am very low-tech. No “i” anything. I do like for tracking my weight and exercise and sometimes what I eat.

    • I’m pretty techy. I blame a techy dad, a University degree with a heavy tech focus (radio and TV production) and an uber techy boyfriend. Though I still have a very standard, boring cell phone. No Blackberry or iPhone. My iPod touch is about as fancy I get with that stuff.

  3. How did I miss Passometer!?? I’m off to download it right now, sounds like a great idea for an app.

    Thanks again for sharing and I hope the weather clears up soon. ❤

    • It sounds great. And if it worked, I think it would be great! Unfortunately, it seemed to keep freaking out and shutting itself off. I’ve deleted it, but might re-install it and give it a second chance. I like the idea of something tracking my steps, speed, calories burned and all that stuff.
      Let me know if it works for you! Or if you find another similar app you like!

  4. Oooh… this is a dangerous post! I’ve been thinking about getting a “Droid” and I think there are lots of similar apps. Too much fun. Sounds like good self reward material!

    • I think it’s a great self reward! Plus I’m pretty ADD and get bored of things quickly. Having little tools and things to keep me interested and motivated is key. The fact that a lot of the apps are free, too, makes it even better. 🙂

  5. I use the Livesmart app for food tracking, I just downloaded it the other day and LOVE IT! How did I live with out it?

    • I have NO clue.
      I think I never did any sort of tracking before because it all seemed so complicated. I’d have to write things down (in a book? That I had to keep with me at all times??) and then sit down and figure out calorie and nutritional breakdowns of each things… too hard! This app is great and easy to use. Plus, I like seeing exactly how things breakdown, both in terms of calories and fat/protein/carb. Definitely opened my eyes to what I should be eating more of and what I should be cutting back a bit!

  6. I use the Loseit app for tracking calories and exercise and I love it. I actually haven’t used it much lately though. I also use Runkeeper for running or walking. I love the iPhone!!! It’s one of the best gifts my hubby ever got me! I also use an app called Gratitude Journal which is really awesome too!!!

    • Will look up all those apps!
      My bf got my the ipod touch as a present – partially because he’d been working tons and we hadn’t had much time together and partially because my old ipod broke when the diet coke I was carrying for him in my bag exploded and soaked it. Definitely one of the best presents I’ve ever received! So many cool functions and easy to keep with you all the time.

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