The weekend went well. Another Friday night, another successful sushi and Top Model get together. I took a tour of the gym – will post about that tomorrow – and generally had anice, relaxing weekend. And then there was this morning… The walk to work was worse than most days, and not just because it’s Monday.

There were 2 new staff starting today and I wanted to make sure I was at the office a little bit early to make sure everything was set up and ready to go when they arrived. I got my things together and was out the door by 7:55. (A little later than I’d hoped, but not bad).

I decided to take the quick route to work – and thank goodness I did! 5 minutes into my walk and it starts pouring. The type of downpour that floods gutter within minutes and creates little rivers and ponds along the street. And possibly some hail. It eases up slightly for moments but generally carried on for the remainder of my walk. The bottom 1/4 of my pants are still wet.

I don’t actually mind rain all that much, to be honest. Especially if, like today, the clouds part to gorgeous blue skies and sun an hour later. No, the rain wasn’t the worst part of my walk. The worst part was when my left hip, suddenly and without reason, decided it hated me. I stopped to cross the road and next thing I knew my hip was in a huge amount of pain. It felt like it wasn’t sitting in the socket properly or something. So the majority of my walk was more of a hobble – little baby steps, wincing along, up and down hills with streams of water everywhere.

Thankfully, it seems like both the weather and my hip have decided they’re done throwing tantrums for the day. Good thing, too, because I need to do a fair bit of walking today – both in the office and around outside – and I don’t want to be in pain, or soaked, the entire time.

Oh, and I’ve been having fun with the MyFitnessPal app and have been tracking foods – when I remember – and adding some of my foods/nutritional info and recipes. Passometer, on the other hand, turned out to be a big bust. It spazes out after about 5 minutes and shuts itself off. It also doesn’t seem to have much rhyme or reason behind when it decides to count footsteps. So I’ve deleted it and am in search for a new, similar (but working) application. Any suggestions?

How was your weekend? Did you stay on track? Do better than planned? Or are you looking forward to Monday and its “fresh start”?



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8 responses to “Ouch!

  1. It was long. Ate a ton at a party. Yep, looking forward to Monday.

  2. that’s funny, my hip did a weird thing to me too yesterday. i was just walking and for no reason, it suddenly felt out of joint. thankfully, it went away after a few minutes but yeah….unexplainable. glad to hear yours is okay too!

    haha….my weekend was good but i need a fresh start. too many calories, not enough running πŸ˜›

    • It was so weird! It bothered me right through my whole walk to work, but it seemed like once I’d sat down for a few minutes and rested it, the pain disappeared as quickly as it came. Bizarre.
      Agreed on the weekend sentiment. I did ok, food-wise, but I’m definitely missing exercise. I don’t get my good long walks to/from work in on the weekends. (Not that I want to be at the office on weekends!)

  3. Check out 411fit.com- it’s a fun, food tracking site πŸ™‚

    I had a great weekend- and am having trouble getting back into the swing of Monday… AH- need more coffee!

    • Will do!
      I’m lucky. Never really got into the whole coffee thing. Of course, walking for 20-30 minutes to work each morning is probably enough of a wake up for my system!

  4. I Love Mondays fresh start feeling! This is a big one for me… really digging in to some calorie counting and staying conscious about what I eat.

    Sorry about your soggy walk to work…and that hip pain.

    By the way… I absolutely adore your header… Ah, books. It makes me happy everytime I come here.

    • I’ve started to get a soft spot for Mondays. Yes, it’s back to work, but it’s also back to routine. Generally better foods, more water, more reliable exercise. My body likes the stability of it all.
      One thing I learned living in Auckland is to never leave the house without an umbrella. Even if there isn’t a cloud in sight. I used to drive anytime it even looked like it would rain, but now I’m walking regardless. Though I might start keeping a spare (dry) par of pants in my locker for such occasions…
      And thanks! It’s just one of the stock layouts. I was thinking of creating my own banner, but I think I might keep this one up for a while. πŸ™‚

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