TMI? Probably…

Apologies up front if this is TMI. Or if you get squeamish reading about body functions. (Actually, if that’s the case, maybe you should skip this post and just go here instead).

…still here?

Alright. There have been a few posts around the healthy/diet blogosphere over the past few months talking about bathroom events. Not “holding your friend’s hair back after she partied a little too hard” or even “spontaneous, we-couldn’t-control-ourselves hookups” events. More the “natural next step after eating and digestion” events. Poos and wees – as my friend (who is actually 25, not 5, despite the kiddy terms) would say.

Real plush dolls "Pee" and "Poo"

Luckily, I haven’t really had any real problems in that realm – especially since starting this blog and being conscious about what I’m eating. I usually wake up in the morning and visit the loo before my poor bladder explodes. (I try not to drink much in the hours that lead up to bedtime, but I usually have some fruits and at least 1/2 glass of water). Then I wander around, shower, get ready and visit the loo again before heading off to work.

Being the odd girl I am, I try to time my liquid consumption at work around the fact that I’ll have a 30-45 minute walk home; drinking the majority of my pot of green tea and a glass of water before lunch and sipping what’s left in the afternoon. With all that liquid going through me, I probably use the loo at least 3-4 time per day while at the office.

Now, I’ve noticed that recently I’ve been needing to “do a 2” again around lunch. And sometimes even a third time later in the day. I don’t think it’s unhealthy (I distinctly remember my doctor telling me, years ago, that “normal” is anywhere from 3 times a day to once every 3 days) or anything, it’s just not routine. I’m chalking it up to the increased amounts of fresh fruits and veggies, and possibly the green tea?

Anyhoo… the reason I’m even posting about all of this in the first place is because earlier this afternoon I had a sudden, rather painful stomach cramp. It got worse. And worse. And then “get to the loo” worse. Post-loo and I’m feeling great again… but what caused that sudden digestional uproar? I have no clue what I ate know exactly what I ate (thanks MyFitnessPal!) and I haven’t had a single thing today that I haven’t had at least once in the past few days without incident.

Gillian McKeith

And anytime I have any sort of remotely out-of-the-ordinary issues in that area, I immediately think of Gillian McKeith (above) and her “You are what you eat” TV show. In it, in case you have never seen an episode, she analyzes the participant’s poo to find out more about their diet, digestion and overall health. Basic lesson: It should be easy to pass, shaped like a smooth sausage and have a minimal odour. (You can check out what you poo means here. Anytime it doesn’t match that idyllic description, I immediately trace back all the things I’ve eaten to find the culprit. This time, for the first time, nothing stood out.

So? Well, nothing, I suppose. I’m feeling normal now. I guess if I get another sudden, random gastronomical attack I’ll worry – especially if it’s within the next 24 hours. Otherwise, I’m hoping to go back to my regularly scheduled loo visits.

Do you use your toilet trips as part of you analysis of overall health?



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10 responses to “TMI? Probably…

  1. Hahaha I’m so sorry – this made me laugh! Don’t worry, it’s not the TMI stuff, just that every time I think of poo I think of Gillian and there she was in all her glory!

    Hmmm, but with the sharp pain, this is no laughing matter! I think just see how it goes… it might be your body just working in overdrive to get rid of any leftover waste.

    I definitely think my toilet trips reflect my health! Healthy poo = healthy you! 😀

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about Gillian! ha.
      Haven’t had any stomach issues since, so I think it was a one-off thing. Maybe a rush to too many fiber-filled veggies digesting all at once? Who knows! The good thing is, it doesn’t seem like any big or ongoing issue.

  2. Lots of poop talk out in the blogosphere lately! Yes, I have been doing a bit of food analysis lately because of a sudden change in my own… habits. I thought it might be the yogurt that I started eating most days… probiotics. But that does not seem to be it. How can we not be strangely fascinated with something that is such a big part of all our lives!?

    • Agreed! It’s almost like mini science experiments. “Now, if I start eating this… and stop eating this…”
      I eat a good serving of natural, unsweetened yoghurt most evenings. Might contribute to the morning trips, but wouldn’t have much to do with the weird afternoon yesterday. Hmm. From everything I can gather, it just seems to be a weird one-off. (Thank goodness!)

  3. Poop, poop, poop!! Everyone’s talking about it.

    I hope you’re pains don’t come back. I’m not sure what would cause that… but maybe just some backup you weren’t aware of ???

    • Thanks. They seem to have just been that one-time thing. Disappearing almost as quickly as they showed up. Hmm. Possibly a back-up. Possibly too much fiber all at once. Possibly my tummy just being a brat and wanting some attention. ha. Now that I’ve been (loosely) tracking my foods, at least it should be easier to sort out if it comes back again!

  4. I don’t have a problem at all with bodily function talk….but those plush dolls are oddly disturbing on several levels. Maybe because I have a 3 year old and know how much she loves to cuddle and kiss her soft lovies… Nope, we’re not going there.
    I hope your tummy sorts out. It sounds like for the most part your healthy eating has led to healthy function.

    • Those dolls are scary! I think they’re Swedish, originally? Not sure. But definitely not something I’d buy for a kid!
      My tummy’s been behaving itself ever since, so I think it was just a weird, one-off thing. Phew!

  5. I agree about the plush dolls, they are freaky and ewwww. I can’t stop wondering, do people let their children play with these? Forget about Gillian, she’s cooky because she generalizes too much. Not everyone is the same and I read a paper once on how the climate effects our excretions.

    Just know everyone is different and if you get the stomach cramp again call your GP, its probably the healthy diet but it cannot hurt to confirm.

    • Gillian was actually told she can no longer call herself a Dr because she isn’t actually a medical doctor and that she was being misleading. So I don’t take her too seriously (like any other TV “celeb”) but I think there is a good deal of logic in what she says, in general.
      Thankfully, my stomach’s been absolutely lovely ever since, so I’m sure it was some random thing and not any diet-related medical issue. But I will certainly go see my doctor if I have any sort of issues that last longer than a day or so. I’m all about seeing doctors as soon as I think anything might be wrong with me. I’m good like that. 🙂

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