A confession…

I’ve been bottling this up for a while now. Hiding it away. Pretending it wasn’t there. But, I suppose, it’s time I come out with it.

Yes – this blog is about motivation and accountability on my process of leading a healthier lifestyle.
Yes – I want to get fit and healthy to improve my blood glucose and cholesterol and to balance my hormones, all naturally.
Yes –  Looking and feeling great is a huge, huge motivation.

But there’s something else, too. Something that really kind of triggered this all and continues to be a driving force, though less strong now than it was off the bat. Something seemingly ridiculous and silly and… shallow.

The thing that really kicked this all into gear and got me motivated to actually start eating better and exercising more and generally getting into shape? Short shorts.

Ridiculous? Completely. But let me explain… My friend was selling off a whole lot of clothing that she never wears anymore. Lots of things still had tags on them and there was heaps of great pieces. I was trying on all sorts of things and tossing them into “Buy” and “Put back” piles when I got to the most adorable, well-tailored, gorgeous pair of short shorts. I put them on and fell in love. They were PERFECT! Um, ok, they would be perfect if I could do them up. Even with my mightiest stomach sucking-in, they was still about an inch to go before the button would do up.

Most sensible people would’ve sighed, taken them off and places them in the “Put back” pile. I’m not necessarily known as sensible, and I slipped them off, tossed them in the “Buy” pile and confidently announced that they would fit by summer. Plus, they were $5, so there was no way I could pass them up.

So there it is. The original, honest reason why I initially started this whole thing – to fit in a pair of shorts.

Of course, all the other factors came in as I started. I found my blood test results and read over the dr recommendations. I thought about wanting to have more energy and be able to do more physically challenging things this summer. The hundreds and hundreds of reasons anyone has to lose some weight and get healthier. They are all in the driving forces now, but it all started with a pair of short shorts. Which, might I add, I can now button and zip up fully when I suck in. I consider that progress!

What was the thing that caused you to say “Yes. I’m going to change and this time, it’s going to stick!”?



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19 responses to “A confession…

  1. I think that’s a great reason to get started. It seems to me that the shorts allowed you to measure the distance from where you are to where you really want to be, from your vision of yourself. Why not?
    For me it was largely my daughter. I suppose that happens alot. I just couldn’t deny the reality of what NOT achieving the most optimal health I can would be. It will never be just about me again and I need to be present with her and in this world. And if I’m going to be here… I’m darned if I don’t want to look and feel great!
    Oh, and there are seriously cute clothes in my future too!

    • I think that’s a great reason!
      I have some less immediate inspirations, too. Looking amazing in my engagement/wedding photos (um, not engaged. Clearly looking ahead on that one! haha) And getting into a good, healthy lifestyle for when I have kids. But, for now, it is to fit in those shorts.

  2. How funny! I think whatever reason works for you or anyone is a great reason:) What is key to me about your question is it implies a long-term change… and that in and of itself might be different for me now. In the past I have often been motivated by an upcoming trip or social event, but I finally, at some point, got fed up with the down and up and down and up of weight and realized I need to end that.

  3. I admit, too, that clothing items was a big factor that sparked my motivation to kick my own but to get in shape! Heck, I want to feel good in my clothes (and have a great excuse to buy some new stuff!). It’s a win-win situation; be healthy, fit, happy and be able to fit in short shorts. ^.^

  4. Serendipity712

    You are not alone… Clothing was also my motivation. I was always fit and skinny; before I moved to another country, I bought so many outfits. But, I ended up gaining quickly from no gym access, lack of physical activity, boredom, and being alone in another country. I didn’t even get a chance to wear most of the outfits! My skirts and summer dresses didn’t fit. I’m driven to see a size small again!

    Also, shopping for clothes is frustrating. There are many cute outfits that I wish I wore. I didn’t manage to lose all of my weight before this summer, but I will get there by next summer. Half way there!

    • Moving to a new country didn’t help my weight, either! Well, the 1 month in Europe before getting to the new country probably did the most damage. “I’m on vacation!” mentality led to eating too much, too often.

      Summer is in December-February here in the southern hemisphere, so I’ve still got a couple months til it really kicks in. I just need to stay motivated! I want to feel comfy in shorts and cute summery skirts this year.

  5. haha, that is too funny!! Sometimes it is something as simple as not fitting into a pair of shorts that’s get us into gear. I don’t think it matters what jump starts our healthy lifestyles… as long as we get to our healthy lifestyles.

    • Agreed.
      The shorts are good motivation… Anytime I feel like I’m slipping, I can try them on and (hopefully!) get back on track!
      The most important thing is that I’m taking care of myself, though. Healthy foods, exercise, etc. And sticking with it.

  6. my version of “short-shorts” are my one and only size 6 jeans. for a while they were fitting (yay!) but then i couldn’t run for the longest time because of my quad (boo!) so now they’re back to being tight. anyway, congrats on zipping up yours! 🙂

    • They zip up, but I’ve still got quite a ways to go before I can really wear them. I think they would break if I tried to do anything in them, right now! ha. But it’s progress and I’ve still got a few months before it’s really warm enough to wear them anyway.

  7. Adorable. 🙂
    The best reason ever! to start losing weight. I don’t think I had a trigger though, I just wanted to lose the weight and I started. I always want to lose weight.

    Congrats on the shorts zipping up! ❤

    • I would always moan about my weight. Poke my tummy. etc. I’d try to diet, then give up, then try again, and give up again.
      For some reason, it actually clicked this time, and I seem to be making a genuine lifestyle change.
      Next goal? Being able to actually WEAR the shorts without fear of busting the seams. haha

  8. Oooh baby short shorts! I wear short shorts! Well not yet, but soon I hope!

    The “ah ha” moment for me was realising if I didn’t do something about my weight, I was almost certainly going to get diabetes. And so it began…

    • Oddly enough, my doctor lectured me almost a year ago about how, if I don’t change my diet and lifestyle, I could very well end up with diabetes, high cholesterol and heart issues. I gave it a good, honest effort for 2 weeks, then slipped right back into my normal routine.
      The shorts were the inspiration this time – and then, as I got used to the new healthier lifestyle, I started realizing I was also doing everything the Dr recommended to help my glucose, cholesterol, etc etc! If only my doctor gave me a really cute, but slightly too small, outfit a year ago… haha

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