Ow ow ow!

Last night I decided I wanted an omelet for dinner. Partially because I didn’t feel like anything too heavy, partially because we didn’t have any non-frozen meat to make a stirfry or something with, and partially because I wanted to try my new non-stick pan.

I got 3 egg whites and 1 full egg (I was hungry!) into a bowl and whisked them up with a little soy milk. Then I set about chopping up some veggies to go in this big, delicious omelet. Green and red peppers, olives, tomatoes, red onion; each getting added to the egg mixture as they were ready. One finial whisk and it was poured into the pan. I added a little bit of shredded edam cheese to the middle before folding in half for another couple minute of cooking. It slid out of the pan with ease – without any oil or butter! – and onto my plate to be topped with some fresh chopped tomatoes. It was an amazing, fluffy, plateful of deliciousness.

Not actually my omelet, but add chopped tomato on top and take away the asparagus and that's what mine looked like!

Andrew wanted to have a shower after work, so I said I’d prep the bits for him and then he could make his omelet when he was done. I’m all proud of my yummy creation and get started on chopping up a bunch of veggies for him. Now, I don’t know if I was overconfident because of my recent success or if the world just really, really doesn’t want you to eat breakfast for dinner, but something happened and… OW! I was chopping the green peppers too quickly and lopped a few mm off the tip of my left thumb.

Thankfully (?) it happened incredibly fast and the cut itself didn’t hurt. Nor did the pain really start right away. But after a few seconds, the blood started. And a few minutes later the shock wore off. And OMG did it ever hurt! We couldn’t find any band-aids, either, so I wrapped my finger up in kleenex and tied an elastic around it to help stop the bleeding and we headed to the store to get some band-aids.

(It was around this point I told Andrew he was going to have to finish cutting up the veggies for his omelet as I was done in the kitchen for the day!)

Fast forward to this morning where, for reasons I can only guess were “my brain’s not full functioning yet”, I decided that my finger needed a nice, new, fresh bandaid. I got the new bandaid out and then carefully started to gently peel back the less than 12-hour “old” bandaid. BAD IDEA. It obviously upset any healing that may have started and the second it was off, the blood started flowing again. I dabbed at it with a tissue as I simultaneously tried to peel the plastic over off the new bandaid and get it on my finger.

Thankfully, I’m all bandaged back up and my finger has stopped throbbing. This bandaid is staying on as long as physically possible. And I’m going to be much more careful next time I’m using a ridiculously sharp knife.



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8 responses to “Ow ow ow!

  1. Ouch! Do you read Tami’s blog? (Nutmeg Notebook.) I am pretty sure she is the one who had a similar incident not too long ago!

    • I haven’t, but I should add it to my (growing) list. 🙂
      Because it’s on the absolute tip of my finger, I keep bumping it on things. (Ouch!)
      It’s one of those things that you don’t realize how much you use it until it’s injured!

  2. I’m thinking we shouldn’t ever try to cook together. 🙂

    Hope the healing is rapid!

    • Maybe that’s why I usually cook alone. Cutting myself is painful but I’d hate to injure anyone else while attempting to whip up some food!
      It hurts a lot less today, so I think it’s on its way to healing nicely. I refuse to take the bandaid off to check, though! As long as it’s nicely protected and not in much pain, I’ll assume it’s doing well.

  3. Ouch! And just when you feel like a queen of the kitchen! I hope it heals fast 🙂 That omelet sounds delicious!

  4. It was your eating battle scar! Bummer…

    • And it keeps haunting me!
      I’m a little anxious when cutting things now, and look quite silly as I’m babying my thumb so it’s always sticking out to the side as I try to use the other four fingers to do things.
      It seems to be healing well, though. Not necessarily quickly, but no infections or anything nasty like that. (Thank goodness!)

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