Full-on weekend

Yesterday was pretty full on at work, so I didn’t manage to squeeze a little me time in and blog the way I usually do. I mean, I don’t blog on company time. Ever.


So this weekend was quite the little adventure! I’ll start with the races.
It was… different. I don’t know what I was expecting, but we walked in and it was like walking into a nightclub but in the middle of the day. There was a DJ spinning club anthems and a dance floor. Most of the girls were in fitted, short dresses and massive heels and the guys were in nice suits and, often, aviator sunglasses.

How could you say no to a friand!?

The food was okay. It was buffet-style with chaffing dishes. I had some not-so-great, cold sushi. (Nothing like the deliciousness I order for girls’ nights!) I also had a small salad and handful of salt & pepper squid (yum!). I managed to avoid the chocolate fountain – which was no easy task! – but ate 4 raspberry friands. 4! It’s not really my fault. They were really, really yummy. And gluten-free. And ridiculously yummy. Of course, I ended up with that “I’m too full!” feeling for most of the afternoon/evening.

We bet on 2 races and lost the entire $20 we bet. Not surprising since Andrew wanted maximum return if we won and would only bet on horses to win, not place. Clearly, we’re not gamblers and didn’t have beginner’s luck on our side, either. Maybe it’s because we bet purely based on the horses names and not their stats. (Andrew was quite sure “Saved By The Bell” would come through for him!)

Me with my pretty fascinator

In the end, we decided it would have been much more fun with a group of people and that we should bet to place and not just to win. It was nice to have an excuse to really get dressed up, though. I wore a dress that had been sitting in my closet since I bought it a few years ago and my friend Natalie Chan lent me a gorgeous flower fascinator to wear – since everyone at the races has some extravagant thing on their head! Of course, I was also happy when we got home and I could take off the heels and slip into some yoga pants and a warm hoodie.

Of course, the races were only just a small part of the weekend. In case you hadn’t heard, there was a massive 7.1 earthquake in Christchurch at 3:30am Saturday morning. While that is on the South Island and I live up in the North, it was still a big deal. Amazingly, there wasn’t a single death and there were only 2 serious injuries reported! Since Andrew works for a national TV broadcaster, he ended up on the phone for most of the day, making sure they were getting the coverage they needed and sorting out how to deal with schedule shows that got bumped, etc.

Some of the damage done by the quake.

Sunday morning we headed out to the gym and did some cardio, chest and back. I would never have really done any chest or back training, just because I don’t really know how. Andrew does, though, and it was like he was my personal trainer. He was really great and made sure I had good form and really encouraged me to do my best. Am still feeling it today!

Also, I hit 2 months on Sept 5th – but it’s that time so I’m holding off on my weight/measurement update until next week. Which gives me an extra few days to work off those friands!

What did you get up to this weekend?



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4 responses to “Full-on weekend

  1. Your weekend was much more exciting than mine! Our highlight was dinner out and I ate and drank and am not feeling the least bit guilty. Okay, a bit guilty. Other than that – boring. Love the picture of you:)

    • Thank you! We didn’t really take any photos at the races, so I made Andrew take one of me near the sign as we were leaving. And I actually think it’s a decent shot. (Very rare of me!)
      Dinner out is always nice. And when it happens, you need to enjoy yourself – and the food/drinks! 🙂

  2. very sorry to hear about the earthquake, thank God no one was killed. have you ever experienced one yourself? i read NZ residents feel 150 a year.

    my weekend was pretty quiet. went out for dinner with the husband one night, hoped to get a run in but my right foot is acting weird. tonight we have a wine tasting, that should make it all better 🙂

    • Mmm wine tasting! That’s something I want to do this summer. Especially with so many great NZ wines!

      I’ve never felt an earthquake myself – though I’ve only been in NZ for about a year and a half. My friend was in CHCH and said it felt like the ground was shaking and rolling at the same time. And that you could feel it coming, almost like when a train approaches. It’s really amazing there were only 2 serious injuries from the whole thing! There was a 5.2 and a 3.6 magnitude earthquake this morning in the south part of the North Island, too. They apparently weren’t related to the Christchurch one. I never knew NZ was such a hotbed for earthquakes! (Though it seems other people do know that and the buildings etc are all built with that in mind – which probably had a huge impact in the fact there were no deaths after a 7.1 quake!)

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