Lactic acid and antibiotics

Not together. Or even related. But these two things are on my mind today – and are the reason I skipped out on my gym workout yesterday.

1. Lactic acid
I’m still ridiculously sore from Sunday’s workout. (And, for anyone keeping track, it’s already Wednesday here in New Zealand, so that workout was 3 days ago!) I don’t feel like I overworked anything when I was working out. Yes, my muscles were exhausted by the end of the third set of any given exercise but isn’t that the point? But now, 3 days later, I’m still stiff and sore and my poor muscles ache.

Does anyone have any suggestions? My usual workout is: 5-10 min cardio workout, 30 min weights (2-3 major muscle groups per workout, alternating so each gets about 1 workout/week), 10-15 min cardio and then about 5-10 min stretching. Do I need to do more stretching? More/less cardio? Drink more water? Eat bananas after my workout? Help! I’d rather not go easier on the actual workout as I don’t feel I’m pushing myself too hard there… and I don’t want to keep pushing back workouts because I’m still sore from the last.

Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

2. Antibiotics
The other reason we didn’t end up in the gym yesterday as originally planned. I went straight from work to the emergency dentist – who wasn’t in – and then over to the Dr next door because my wisdom teeth are acting up again.

Backstory: My wisdom teeth are about 1/2 – 3/4 grown in, and have been for years. My dentist back in Toronto always said “As long as they aren’t giving you any problems, don’t worry about them!” Which was working just fine until 3 months ago when the gums near my left wisdom teeth got infected. I didn’t know what it was, but within 48 hours it went from “My jaw feels a tiny bit sore” to “I can’t open my mouth more than 1 cm!” I was sent off to the hospital and put on an IV drip for 2 days then sent off with another 5 days worth of antibiotics.

Yesterday, I started getting that same feeling in my jaw and knew I needed to get antibiotics ASAP if I wanted to avoid another trip to the hospital. And after an hour of waiting, I finally saw the doctor, who prescribed me 3 weeks (!) worth of antibiotics. He said to take them for at least 5 days, max 7. The rest were “so [I] don’t have to come back and wait another hour if it flares up again”. So now I’m on a 4/day course of antibiotics and an antiseptic mouthwash rinse thing that makes everything taste awful for the next 5 days. Awesome! On the plus side, my NZ residency was approved yesterday, so at least if I end up in the hospital again, I won’t be charged $800+ per day for theΒ privilege! (Yay!)

I suppose it could be considered a huge diet helper. I can’t open my mouth fully (so I need to take smaller bites), chewing isn’t the most comfortable thing (so I won’t be eating unless I’m hungry) and the mouthwash makes everything taste pretty bad (so no excess eating just for the deliciousness). I know I was asking for ideas to switch things up, but this wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for…

Do you workout even if your muscles are sore from your last workout? What do you do to minimize post-workout sore muscles? Any tricks or tips that really work for you?



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12 responses to “Lactic acid and antibiotics

  1. I don’t always do weight lifting if I am still sore but I do get the cardio done. And often, that loosens things up and makes me less sore:) Bummer about your teeth. I was just talking with my neighbor today about how annoyed I was that in my 30s I had to have mine removed after years of no issues. Sigh.

    • Hmm. Maybe I should suck it up and get to the gym regardless, just focusing on cardio and stretching if I’m sore? Loosening up and getting the blood going can’t hurt. πŸ™‚
      I’m not overly upset about having to get my teeth out – especially since I’m now a resident so the surgery will be covered. I was more upset when they got infected the first time and I spent 30 hours in hospital (costing me about $2000!) just so they could give me antibiotics through IV every 6 hours. At this point, I’d rather just get them out and not have to worry about the flare ups every few months! From what I’ve been told, once they start giving you any issues, they’ll keep giving you issues until you get them out.

  2. My masseuse suggested I start drinking a little apple cider vinegar with honey in warm water to assist with clearing lactic acid. I’ve just started this week!

    • Oooh! I might try that.
      How much apple cider vinegar/honey/water? (I was wondering why you posted abut drinking that! I must’ve missed when you talked about the reasons.) Lemme know if it works for you!

      • Just a teaspoon or 2 of each in a glass of warm water! I have been doing it for 2 days now and it’s working out quite well so far!

        I wrote about it in this post: πŸ˜€

      • Yep, definitely missed that post the first time round. (I blame my lack of reading blogs between 5 pm Friday-9 am Mon!)
        Worth a shot! Especially if it seems to be helping you.
        I think I’m also going to have to start going to a masseuse regularly. Not that I need an excuse to go, but I’m sure the “Babe, it’s vital to my health!” logic could let me off the that-money-could-be-going-towards-our-house-fund looks.
        Mmm massages. They hurt so good. πŸ™‚

  3. i wish i had some real words of wisdom, i’m still figuring out the muscle thing myself :p

    have you tried compression pants? they’ve definitely improved my recover time. i’m also trying to eat more protein (especially right after the workout when you absorb it the most.)

    yay for NZ residency!! the husband and i are hoping to visit your country in November. i keep waiting for a seat sale though ….ya know there was a time last year when you could fly one way for $50? i keep looking for that price again, but i don’t think it’s ever coming back 😦

    hope everything gets sorted with your wisdom teeth. do you think you’ll have them removed?

    • Hmm. I haven’t tried compression pants. Thing is, my legs usually don’t get that sore – it’s always my arms/shoulders/back that get the worst of it. Maybe I should get a compression top? And I try to get lots of protein, especially after working out. I usually come home and either have some chicken/beef, some protein pancakes (oatmeal, egg whites & protein powder) or an omelette. Maybe I should try to get some more during the day?
      Check out I’ve done a lot of traveling on the cheap through Not $50 cheap, but I think there’s been some Auckland – Sydney for around $99 NZD?
      Thanks! Yep, they’re coming out. Was planning on getting them out when they first flared up, but too pricey without residency. Now that I’ve got residency, though, it’ll be covered. Just need to go see my GP and have him write up a letter to the hospital saying I need to have them out and I’l be put on the wait list for it. (About 3-4 months wait, I’ve been told).

  4. Three days does seem like a long time for you to still be feeling sore. What usually works for me when I’m sore is to do some light cardio the following day. Muscle needs a fresh supply of blood to heal from the microscopic tears that occur during strength training.

    Glad to hear that you are doing a good stretch after your workout, that really makes a difference, doesn’t it?

    • I was a gymnast and dancer for years as a kid/teen, so I loooove stretching. It just helps you feel more relaxed, balanced and loose! Especially after a workout.
      3 days seemed a little over the top to me but it’s probably a combination of the fact I haven’t done weight training in years and that I’m trying to rest the muscles as much as possible instead of working them when they’re sore. I’ll try to keep up the cardio and see if that helps. πŸ™‚

  5. Jos

    I have no idea you’re in NZ, nice to read non-US blog..hehe πŸ™‚

    Hm I myself have been having lower back pain for almost a week now and not even sure how I got it 😦 Anyway, have you tried doing yoga? Usually lots of stretching after workout should ease up the sore a bit?

    I hate going to dentist as well. Last time I went they told me I need to have 2 upper wisdom teeth taken out, but I refused. So far I don’t feel hurt or anything (just last time I had a canker sore at the back of the mouth).

    Btw congrats on your NZ citizenship πŸ™‚ and it’s fun reading your random facts!

    • I’m technically Canadian (which is non-US, but pretty close!) but I’ve been living in New Zealand for about a year and a half now. I sometimes have to remember to phrase things differently so people in North America know what I’m talking about. There are phrases and things I’ve gotten used to here that I forget aren’t used there.
      I was doing yoga once a week at lunch for a few months, but there weren’t enough people going so the class got canceled. 😦 I’m waiting for the 2nd floor of my gym to open as they’re adding 2 more group fitness studios and more classes – hopefully including yoga at times when I’m not at work!
      Dentists don’t really bother me. After my wisdom teeth acted up last time (and I could only open my mouth about 1/2 a cm!) I mentally prepared myself to get them out. I want to be completely knocked out when it happens, though! I’ve heard from friends who were awake but their mouth was numb and they could hear their teeth being pulled!!! Not for me, thanks. I wanna just fall asleep and wake up with them gone.

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