Lose weight by eating junk

I just read an article that kind of blew my mind.

Losing Weight in the Twinkie of an eye.

Weight loss foods?!

Coles Notes:
A nutrition expert has gone on a 3 week junk food diet. He’s lost 10 lbs, lowered his bad cholesterol levels, raised his good cholesterol levels and is still meeting his daily allowance of nutrients through vitamins and plain veggies.

He wants to challenge the idea that you need to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains to lose weight. He wants to reinforce the theory that cutting calories will make you lose weight – period.

Now, he doesn’t necessarily recommend following the “Little Debbie Pecan Spin Wheel for breakfast, Twinkies for lunch, cake for dinner and Doritos for dessert” diet he followed but he does think people should be more open-minded and creative when it comes to weight loss. If you can’t afford fresh, organic produce, maybe junk food isn’t a horrible alternative… as long as you stick to your calorie limits.

What is your take on the junk food diet?

This is MUCH more appetizing, imho.

Personally, I know I would feel awful. When I used to eat sugary foods, I would get migraines, feel run-down and generally just feel blah. Fresh fruits and vegetable, lean proteins, brown rice and green tea make me feel good. And though I sometimes do think about sugary junk foods, I don’t ever really want to eat them because I know how they make me feel afterwards. There’s no way I’d eat them as my 3 main meals a day!

And even if he’s lost weight and his cholesterol levels have improved (probably because he’s reduced his intake of dairy and meats). I can’t help but wonder what that diet is doing to his blood glucose, insulin and hormone levels…

Would you ever try a junk food diet? Do you subscribe to the idea that ANY diet can be good for you as long as you’re sticking within your calorie limit?



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10 responses to “Lose weight by eating junk

  1. this post reminded me of “the bagel diet” that came out YEARS ago. you may not have heard of it (it wasn’t a NY Times bestseller i don’t think) but anyway, the idea was that if you ate 4 bagels a day, you’d lose weight. (must’ve been small bagels.) i mean, of COURSE you’re gonna lose weight if you have a calorie deficit, but shouldn’t the goal be to be healthy and live a long life? i truly believe if health was our aim instead of skinny jeans, we wouldn’t be so overweight. but you know…..i digress…. 😉

    • Most fad diets are absolutely ridiculous – which is why they end up as fads, I suppose!
      I agree that the whole focus should be on optimal health and not just weight but society is just too obsessed with size/weight/appearance, that most people could care less about health as long as they’re thin.
      Problem is, people will read this and think they can eat junk and lose weight, but not realize it probably takes FAR more self control to stick within your calorie limit if you’re eating high-calorie foods than it is if you’re eating a more balanced diet. But, I too digress.

  2. You ask a question that has rolled in my head over and over. (The second question.) I am torn – if it really is simple math, i.e. calories in vs. calories out, then you should be able to lose weight regardless of what you eat. But I have to believe that for most of us, we would not feel as good or be as healthy. So then the question comes where the balance needs to be. For some of us, I think a mix of healthy with treats works. For others, not.

    • I definitely agree.
      If you just want to lose weight then, yes, eat whatever and just stick to your calorie limit. If you want to be healthy and feel good, maybe you want to consider where you’re actually getting those calories from and what other benefit/detriment they may have on your body.
      Self-control plays a huge part, too. If once dessert leaves you still within your calorie range, and you can eat just that one, great! The problem comes in where a lot of us can’t just eat that one – so we’ll end up thinking we’re going to have the one and then ending up eating 4 and that’s where things go off plan.

  3. For many of us it is an issue of calories-in/calories-out, but there are, of course, underlying health issues and nutritional needs.

    I do understand the roundabout point, though, which is that you don’t have to eat 100% organic, pure, whole (and wholesome) foods to lose weight. I’d argue, though, that if you can’t afford organic produce, then conventionally-grown produce would be the logical next step. But an Oreo every now and then isn’t going to kill anyone either. 🙂

    • The problem I see with this article is people reading it and thinking “See? I can eat junk food all day every day and still lose weight. The nutrition expert said so!” And not realize the massive amount of commitment and self-control it would take to stay within a calorie-restricted diet while eating junk food.
      I bought 3 apples and 5 carrots yesterday for a whopping $0.89 – for everything. I know junk food is cheap and all, but I would be far more full after 3 apples and 5 carrots than I would after a $1 bag of chips. Just saying.

  4. I wish I wish I wish I wish .. but anyone with real common sense knows it’s not true. He should do the diet for a year and see what his numbers are. See how he FEELS . And what did he eat before? Did he always take vitamins and eat “plain veggies”? How much does he weigh?

    I do what I can to eat healthy, but I kept my dark chocolate chips because I don’t want to FEEL denied. And those are at the end of the day because it doesn’t help me feel better. The fruits and veggies make me feel good. I can’t imagine if I put myself on his diet.

    Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

    • Agreed. The fact that they’re glazed over the awful feeling he had on the first couple days and then went on about how he’s feeling great, sleeping better and snoring less is a little ridiculous. And I didn’t even think about whether the fresh veggies and vitamins were a new addition or not!
      I’m the same. I don’t think I’d survive on a diet like this. I feel a little “off” (rundown, tired, just not 100%) if I don’t get a good few servings of fresh fruits and vegetables at least once a day. My body would just shut-down!
      Treats here and there are part of a healthy balance, I think, as long as you can have them in moderation. But as a staple in your diet? No thanks!

  5. Since we don’t know what his diet was like before he became an idiot, changes in values mean nothing. Those numbers will improve just from his losing weight.

    If you maintain a calorie deficit, even eating lard you will lose weight and improve some measurements up to a point, but numbers a body do not make.

    My bottom line is lousy foods build lousy bodies.

    • I agree 100%.
      I think the article is irresponsible. A lot of people will read it and see “junk food = weight loss and better cholesterol!” They won’t realize it’s not a healthy, maintainable lifestyle. Or that there is a lot more damage being done than there are benefits.
      And you’re right – I didn’t even consider his “before” diet. As Vikki mentioned, were the vitamins and fresh vegetables new additions along with the junk foods? That alone could have made a difference.
      The funny part is, even if it somehow actually proved junk food is good for you, I still wouldn’t change my diet. I trust my body to tell me what it needs and it definitely doesn’t need high calorie/sugar/fat/sodium junk clogging it up!

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