Homemade muesli

When it all boils down, there are three main things that I really consider when it comes to choosing what food to buy/make/eat:

1. Health and nutritional value
2. Deliciousness
3. Cost

The list is ordered randomly, btw. Sometimes cost is the deciding factor, other times it’s all about the taste! I’m really not all that strict with my ranking system.

One of my favourite things to eat is natural, unsweetened yoghurt with muesli and whatever random bits I can throw in to keep it interesting – banana chips, dried fruit, fresh fruit, coconut, puffed rice etc. Healthy? Check! Delicious? Check! Cheap? …well, sort of. Muesli can get expensive. Especially since I need to find some that is gluten-free, which generally means it’s also organic and filed with expensive fancy ingredients that you barely taste.

When I ran out earlier this week, I vowed to find something other than $8/box muesli to top off my yoghurt with. Now, I know for some people $8/box isn’t a big deal – but I’ll go through at least a box a week and it really does start to add up. Not enough that I’d cut it out of my diet, but enough to make me think maybe there’s a better option. Upon scouring the internet, I found heaps of great recipes and figured “I could make this!” Unfortunately, I’d just come home from the grocery store and wasn’t about to head back for a second trip just for a few bits. I figured I could improvise.

(This is about the point when I wish I’d taken pictures of the process!)

My version of homemade muesli:
– a bunch of rolled oats. (I didn’t measure, but I’d guess it was about 2-3 cups?)
– a bunch of shredded, unsweetened coconut (maybe 3/4 cup?)
– a bunch of almonds, chopped up into small bits (ummm… about 3 handfuls whole almonds)
– 3 or so tablespoons of honey
– a drizzle of olive oil
(Clearly, this is a very specific recipe that must be followed to the letter!)

Yoghurt, muesli & fruit breakfast (with a container of muesli to the side)

* Put oats into a large bowl. Add coconut and almonds and mix well.
* Put honey and oil into a saucepan and heat on low heat until nice and liquidy.
* Drizzle honey mixture over oat mixture. Toss until well coated.
* Spread everything over a baking sheet and pop in oven.
* Bake at 300*F/150*C, tossing occasionally, until nicely toasted.
* Remove from oven and allow to cool.
* Add chopped dried fruits of your choice. (I added apricots, because that’s all I had!)
* Mix well and store in air-tight container.

The recipes I read online also included things like cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans and walnuts. They also suggested adding dried apples, papaya and pineapple to the mix once it’s cooled. The great thing about muesli is that it’s SO flexible and you can really cater it to what you have available at the time.

I had a little last night – can I tell you how amazing it was fresh out of the oven! – and, as you can see from my photo, it was a main player in my breakfast this morning. It’s definitely going to replace the store-bought stuff I used to get, for the reasons I listed at the start.

1. Health/nutritional value: Because I’m making it myself, I know exactly what is going into it and have complete control over the ingredients. I can also make sure it is definitely gluten-free! No rye, barley or wheat in this muesli.
2. Deliciousness: It’s really, really yummy. I can only imagine what the next batch will be like when I have a chance to stock up on a few extra goodies for it – especially some more dried fruits and sunflower seeds!
3. Cost: WAY cheaper than the store-bought stuff! A 1kg bag of oats cost $2.50. I think I used about 1/5 of it in my massive batch last night. Even if I splurge a little on some fancier dried fruits or nuts, I’m still coming out way ahead.

So that was my accomplishment of the day yesterday. It’ll be interesting to see how long this batch lasts. Though I might end up eating it faster just so I can make another batch with some new goodies!

Do you try to make things from scratch or would you rather just buy it pre-bought? Have you come across any new recipes recently that you love?



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9 responses to “Homemade muesli

  1. Wow! What a delicious muesli (here we usually call it granola) and gluten-free to boot. As soon as I finish the low-carb phase of this getting-health-plan, I’ll be making this myself. I keep gluten-free oats in the house, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, all kinds of nuts and dried fruits, even coconut, olive oil and honey. I could make it today but it would be too tempting.

    Thank you for posting it. Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

    • I just looked up the difference between muesli and granola and learned that granola is basically muesli, but baked. So I guess this is granola, not muesli! (I think because I was looking to replace my store-bought muesli, I just kept considering it as “muesli”!)
      Definitely don’t make any unless you’re planning on eating some, too. The smell while baking is absolutely divine – and hard to resist.
      There’s something satisfying about making things yourself instead of buying them. Which you’re super familiar with considering you grow so many things yourself! Always happy to share recipes – especially easy, yummy ones. 🙂

  2. Mon

    Yes, I actually just found a lovely one for Mexican chicken that I found over at Leslie’s (www.tippytoediet.com).
    Thanks for posting your breakfast idea – sounds delicious. Maybe I should branch out a bit for my breakfast – I’m kind of addicted to my oat brits, natural wheat bran and mixed berries (topped with berrie flavoured low fat yoghurt).
    I love it. Still, trying something new and healthy is good….

    • I definitely get in food “ruts” – where I find one thing I love and eat nothing but that for certain meals (like breakfast).
      Trying something new is always good, if only to have as an alternative for when you get tired of your current meal.
      Will look for that Mexican chicken recipe! 🙂

  3. I still have “make own granola” on my OneOfTheseDays List. I don’t buy it that often, so it hasn’t been a high priority. I may have to escalate it, though, because your version certainly looks tasty!

    • It is delicious – and so easy to make! (Very important when choosing recipes, I think!)
      I have a bunch of jars that I transfer the granola to once its cooled. That way it stays fresh, but I also always have a good, healthy snack to take with me if I need something quick. Just grab a jar and I’m set.

  4. $8 a box??? are you serious??? i spend about 4. mind you, the best muesli i had was in South Australia, and that was $15. (ouch!) it was at the Hilton’s breakfast buffet and as you can imagine, i took advantage 🙂

    i never thought to make my own muesli, but now i gotta try! thanks for sharing!

    • Mmmhmm. It’s because most reasonably priced muesli has wheat and/or rye-based cereal in it and I can’t have that. :\ Plus, it’s NZ dollars, so it would only be about $6 AUD. Still not cheap.
      Welcome! I’ve just about finished off that first batch so will be making more soon. I’ll let you know if any changes I make this time around improve the recipe. Will try to remember to take more pictures this time, too!

  5. gonna send this to my mom

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