One week to go…

It just hit me. Right now. BAM!

This time next week I will be celebrating my 27th birthday.

Now, I’m not stressing out about this and I’m certainly not all “omg I’m getting old – where has my life gone!?!” or anything ridiculous like that (though I am getting to about the age I though I would be married by… *ahem*). The reason this is hitting me a little more than any other is because, in a lot of ways, this birthday is the reason I started this blog.

Way, way, way earlier this year, I told my mom that I was going to look and feel great by my birthday. A few months later, I realized there was less than 3 months to go and I had done NOTHING to get myself any healthier. (I’m pretty sure I’d even polished off an entire bag of “fun sized” Bounty bars earlier in the week…) I decided I was going to get serious, commit and start actually doing something to reach my goal. Starting a blog was one of the things I did to try to be accountable to myself and stay focused.

Now I’ve got one week. 7 days. 168 hours… give or take. One week until that once distant day is here.

How much can you really change in 3 months? It’s a bit of a rhetorical question, really. The answers can vary from completely to not much at all. I think I’ve learned lots – like the idea of food combining, green smoothies, raw foods and heaps of new recipes, for starters. I’ve changed the way I eat a great deal. I’m way more conscientious of what I eat, when, amounts and how different foods affect me. I’ve all but cut out refined sugars and greatly decreased my intake of red meat and alcohol. I walk to and from work and I joined a gym I now attend regularly.

Am I where I ultimately want to be? No. Am I on a good path to get there? Yes yes yes.

While saying I was going to be in “the best shape of my adult life” by now was definitely a little over ambitious, I had definitely made strides towards that goal. I still have a long way to go, but I know I’m in it for the long haul now. I’ve changed my lifestyle and it’s only going to keep getting better. I feel a lot better than I did 3 months ago. I have more energy. I don’t crave sugars or junk foods. And while I haven’t been forced into buying a new wardrobe yet, my clothes fit more comfortably and I feel better in them.  (And I’m getting SO close to being able to wear those short shorts!)

And just to keep me motivated, a little reinforcement came yesterday when I walked into my regular sushi place to order a sushi platter for tonight. One of the girls, who I hadn’t seen in a few weeks, looked at me and asked if I had lost weight. “You look skinny! You look good!” I smiled, said I didn’t think I’d lost much weight but thank you! Then said it must be from all the sushi I’ve been ordering from them and laughed. It felt good.

3 months ago I thought my birthday would be the finish line in some crazy health & exercise race. Now I’m realizing, it’s just the beginning.



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12 responses to “One week to go…

  1. Yay! You are going to smash this birthday in the face! TAKE THAT 27! POW!

  2. That’s a similar realization that many of us have – it is not an ending. For me, that was a big paradigm shift this year. Actually, one person very eloquently said that the end IS the beginning. And you are 20 years younger than me!!!

    • I think the birthday “deadline” was a good way for me to stay focused and really work towards a goal. In my head, sticking with decent eating and exercise for 3 months seemed do-able. Now that I’ve really got into a generally healthier lifestyle, I’m less daunted by it all and don’t think I need goals in small timeframes to keep with it. (Yay!) Of course, only time will tell. 🙂
      It’s funny – when some people hear I’m 27 they think I’m still just a kid. Others think I’m “getting up there!” Age is such a relative thing despite being so strictly measured.

  3. Oh, Happy Impending Birthday!!
    I do think beginnings are more exciting than finish lines anyway… you have a great outlook. And you’ve clearly done a lot in 3 months. Imagine what the next year will bring!
    And I can tell just from all the support that you’ve given me that you’ve also spread some really good energy around the world in these 3 months too.

    • Thank you. 🙂
      And, you’re right. Beginners are way more exciting than endings!
      I’m looking forward to next year. Looking forward to pushing myself at the gym, learning more about nutrition and generally feeling better and better. And thank you – that really means a lot! Knowing I’m even helping one person on this journey makes it that much more rewarding.

  4. Jos

    Happy super early birthday to you!! It is essential to set a “deadline” to meet your goal, but just remember it won’t be the end but it’s more like a beginning to the healthier lifestyle. 🙂

    • Thank you! 😀
      It’s definitely the beginning for me. Though I think I need to start setting goals that are a little more specific than just “get in better shape” from now on. ha

  5. AFG

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

    I’ve got my 33rd coming up soon. I really had a hard time with 30 for some reason, but now it’s all good 🙂

  6. What a great outlook! Even at my substantially higher age, I still set birthday goals. It’s fun, and it’s a great way to continue working toward something, if only at a slow pace.

    • Agreed. 🙂 Plus it’s like giving yourself a present. This year, one of my birthday presents to myself is being healthier. And I think that’s one of the best presents you could get!

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