Hello spring! You’ve been missed.

I am definitely struggling this morning. I’m on my second third cup of green tea, hoping the caffeine will kick in soon. Monday mornings, in general, are always a bit of a challenge after two glorios days of staying up – and sleeping in – a little later than usual. Never mind the first Monday after a time change. Yep, yesterday we here in the southern hemisphere gained an extra hour of sunshine with daylight savings. The sun is now starting to set around 7:15 pm and the days are only going to get longer for the next few months. And can I tell you how good that feels? Add the fact that yesterday was the first day that actually felt like spring and I suppose I can’t really be all that grumbly about an hour of lost sleep.

And despite the earlier-than-appreciated morning, I’m glad it’s Monday. The solid, reliable, “I’m going to eat well again” workday. The more I pay attention to what I eat, the more I notice the effects when I don’t. This weekend didn’t have nearly enough fresh fruits, vegetables or water and my body is absolutely feeling it. Craving the nutrients. 10 pm Sunday saw me peeling and cutting carrot sticks because my body was screaming for something raw and simple. All I could think was “Where is all the healthy food!?!” and wishing I had a fridge full of fresh produce.

When did I start craving vegetables???

I recognized the feeling. That “omg I MUST eat _______, NOW!” thought consuming my brain – but it had always been something I shouldn’t have. Chocolate, mostly, but also pizza or ice cream. Sometimes fried rice of pad thai. Certainly never anything good for me. It was surreal and exciting. I actually craved raw produce after not having enough over a couple days. Who’d have thought!?

So, I’m going to try to make a point of stocking up fresh fruits and vegetables at home as much as I do at the office and try to keep my diet a little more regular and produce-rich on the weekends as I do during the week. Obvious, right? Well, up to now I always thought I could be really good and conscious about what I eat for breakfast and lunch during the week and I could relax a little on evening and weekends. Not going wild, but not really worrying as much about what I ate. I don’t think that’s going to cut it anymore!

Other than the poor diet choices, the weekend was pretty good! I spent a lot of Saturday touring around New Zealand Fashion Weekend – where I scored some amazing Inika natural mineral makeup samples and bought an adorable “Forget Me Not” silver keychain ($5) and a gorgeous Oyl hoodie ($350 on sale for $60!) at the Desginers’ sample sale. The fact that the hoodie was a size 8 and fit was almost reason enough to buy it!

Sunday featured a gym workout followed by a Subway wrap. (Reason #1 for feeling bad later in the day. Bad, bad gluten!) It also involved lots and lots of playing around in the kitchen making:


– muesli/granola. Oats, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, coconut, dried apples, cinnamon, vanilla and honey. Toasted then mixed with some seedless dried currants.

Raw macaroons

– Megan’s Detox Macaroons. I don’t have a dehydrator, so I made these in the oven on the lowest setting: around 75*C. I did only half the recipe and made it half blonde and half chocolate (adding some cocoa to the original recipe). They’re not quite on par with traditional macaroons, but still good.

And cheesecake!

– Another one of Megan’s recipes: Raw cheesecake. Except I made a different crust – 1/4 cup almonds, 2 tsp cocoa, 2 dates and a smidge of coconut oil. Chop up & blend in food processor, then press to bottom of cups to form crust. There was a bit left over, which I sprinkled on top. I would add a little stevia or honey next time, though. It’s just slightly bitter for my taste.

So I’m now thoroughly stocked up on healthy treats for the week. Just need to get out to the grocery store tonight and I’ll be a happy little bunny!

Did you have a moment when you realized your cravings had changed? Do you crave certain things since altering your diet? Do certain foods trigger cravings for you? (ie: sweets trigger salty, savoury triggers sweet, etc.)



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11 responses to “Hello spring! You’ve been missed.

  1. Oh yes, I have many triggers. Bread is a big one for me. I wish I craved veggies!!

    • Savoury foods used to trigger a sweets craving for me – and I guess it still does, though not nearly as bad. I used to always feel like I needed sweets after a meal. It’s now just an occasional thing.

      Craving veggies is certainly a new experience, but a very welcome one. I think it was all the sweets (granola, macaroons, cheesecake) and lack of water that really triggered it. I felt a little weird, though, getting so worked up about needing some fresh veggies! (My bf thought I was crazy)

  2. I love healthy food so that’s a plus for me. I don’t often crave things except for around that time of the month then EVERYTHING is fair game! Chocolate, icecream, chips, cheese… I want it all. Haha!

    • Around that time of the month I don’t really crave anything specific anymore… I just have a HUGE appetite. I’m constantly hungry and feel like I can never really get full. I’m trying to be more cautious about this now and stop eating when I know I’ve eaten enough and not just listen to my (unfillable) stomach.

  3. I ReStarted my Getting Healthy Plan on June 29 at 269.4 pounds. Somewhere in late July, early August I noticed that I was craving fruit. LOTS of fruit. By then I’d lost about 15-20 pounds. I still crave fruit but have gone low-carb so I treat myself to fruit once a day. Berries mostly. Yum!

    Yum… NOW I’m thinking about fruit. Great. Grrrr. Tomorrow. Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

    • One of those “you want what you can’t have” scenarios?
      I keep forgetting that fruits aren’t really part of the low carb diet since they can be so full of (natural) sugar! I don’t know if I could limit my fruits. I’m getting better at eating a much large volume and variety of veggies, but fruits are still one of the first things I’ll grab if I’m hungry and need a quick snack.
      That can be something you can work towards! Getting to the point where you’re able to eat a piece of fruit whenever you want. I think that would be great inspiration – and a great reward. 🙂

  4. Once I gave up eating significant amounts of sweets, I noticed the sweetness of certain fruits and veggies. Not Reese’s Cup sweet, but enough to ease that desire for sugary goodness.

    • Me too! I had a mango about a month and a half after basically cutting out sweets and I couldn’t eat more than about 1/3 of it at a time. It was just too sweet! An apple or nectarine are now more than enough to fill any sweet tooth I might have left. 🙂

      (Reese’s Cups were one of my absolute favourite desserts! Yum!)

  5. sundays and mondays are definitely the days i crave the most veg (usually detox from fridays and saturdays.) NZ Fashion Week sounds like it would’ve been a blast, i can’t believe you got that hoodie for $60!! my weekend wasn’t nearly as eventful, had dinner with friends one night and went for an 8km run on Sunday. definitely enjoying the fact that spring is here 🙂

    • Sundays are usually when the veggies cravings really kick in – probably from the weekend’s lack of them. If I eat too many sweets (those macaroons or raw cheesecake) I find I crave them, too. Body wanting balance?
      Fashion Weekend was fun but BUSY. And full of people thinking they’re important and don’t need to wait in queues etc. The hoodie was a deal, though! All in all, it was fun and worth going to but I think I’d prefer the “Industry Only” days much more than the general public weekend.
      Funny how the time changed and it suddenly feels like spring! I think the fact that massive storm finally cleared and we’ve had more than 1 day without rain helps tons, too. 🙂

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