Sorry for the massive lack of posting recently – my life’s been all over the place these last few weeks.

I’ve had a lot of instability with my work and my mood – and eating and exercise – have taken a hit because of it. Yesterday I found out the show I was working on has been put on hold and won’t resume until the new year (I was given March as an estimate). I was offered a different job, which is a step back both in experience and pay, to do in the interim but ended up declining it. So now, as of sometime between Nov 5-12, I will no longer have a job.


The funny thing is – I’m excited. I’m a little nervous and anxious, but more than that I’m excited about the opportunities I might have. I’m excited to be able to spend time with my mom while she’s here and not worry about work or taking time off. I’m excited about leaving an office I’ve worked at for 15 months – almost the entire duration I’ve lived in Auckland – and seeing what else is out there. I’m excited to just take a step back from everything, reevaluate, and see what I can do. I’m excited about the 4 day trip I just booked for my mom and I to Tonga. I’m just excited for what surprises, challenges and opportunities are in store for me.


I’ll try to respond to your comments, read and comment on your blogs and get back into the writing groove soon!





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5 responses to “Apologies

  1. Hey! I’ve missed you actually! Glad to hear you’re okay! 🙂

    Maybe the change is just what you need? I say ride with it and see where it takes you. You could now be open to obtaining the job of your dreams!

    Have fun when your mum gets here!

  2. I love that you are excited and viewing this as an opportunity. When my husband lost his job 5 years ago we both looked at it the same way. He is happier now:)

  3. Jos

    I’m sorry about your job situation but I’m glad you can look at the bright side of it. Have a safe and fun trip with your mom and don’t worry about the blog world. We’ll be here after you got back and post your trip stories and pics 😀

  4. Sometimes, being forced into a change can bring us some of the most surprising benefits. You’re doing absolutely the right thing, and embracing it. You’re going to come out of this ok. 🙂


  5. Hi, I was finally getting over here and ready to apologize to you for not being here to comment more…
    I’m so sorry things are in upheaval.
    I hope you’re well. I see that it’s been a long while since you posted…
    Life can be like that.
    I’ll be happy to read your words again when you’re in the space to be writing.
    take care,

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