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Healthy Hoggin’

I spent a good few hours last night reading through Megan’s blog: Healthy Hoggin. (If you haven’t been there before – go!)

I think she’s going to be my food bible for the next little while. Or, at least, she’s going to be where I turn for some yummy, yummy raw, vegan treat ideas and inspiration for indulgent healthy treats. Plus she uses a food processor lots and I’m totally all about that right now.

After looking through pages or posts and recipes, I decided I wanted to try:
Raw cheesecake
Raw chocolate macaroons
Detox Mac n Cheese
Roast broccoli
and Cherry Chocolate Bomb pudding

Of course, being the clever girl I am, I figured I could remember all necessary ingredients without writing them down if I went straight to the supermarket after reading the recipes. Needless to say, I came home from missing at least an ingredient or two from most recipes. (Though, to my credit, that’s because the supermarket didn’t actually have a few of the ingredients!)

I did whip up some roasted broccoli and raw cheesecake, though!
The broccoli was okay, but I think know I was overly generous with my olive oil and they ended up being too greasy for my tastes. But I can see the potential, so I’ll definitely be trying that again with a little less EVOO. The cheesecake has to sit in the freezer overnight to set, so I can’t give you a verdict on it yet. I can tell you that the leftover “batter” was delicious, though! Can’t wait to try the real thing tonight.

I also whipped up my very first Green Monster for breakfast this morning. Well, technically, it’s more of a Purple Monster…


It’s about 2 cups of spinach, a banana, a handful of frozen strawberries/blueberries/blackberries, a splash of rice milk and  some water – blended to bits! Bits is actually a good description… I was running late this morning and, never having made this before, I blended til it looked liquidy. Then I tossed it in a container and ran out the door. It is yummy – I won’t argue that! – but it definitely could’ve used some more time in the processor. I keep having bits of spinach I need to chew and I don’t think that’s really how it’s supposed to be. I think the berry seeds are adding to that, too.

I’m definitely going to keep making these and adjusting the recipe to taste until I find some perfect Green Monster recipes which, of course, I’ll pass along here.

Do you have any websites/blogs that you turn to for food and recipe ideas? Are you a Green Monster fan? If so, what are your favourite ingredients? How long do you blend it to make sure there are no little pieces left?



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Lose weight by eating junk

I just read an article that kind of blew my mind.

Losing Weight in the Twinkie of an eye.

Weight loss foods?!

Coles Notes:
A nutrition expert has gone on a 3 week junk food diet. He’s lost 10 lbs, lowered his bad cholesterol levels, raised his good cholesterol levels and is still meeting his daily allowance of nutrients through vitamins and plain veggies.

He wants to challenge the idea that you need to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains to lose weight. He wants to reinforce the theory that cutting calories will make you lose weight – period.

Now, he doesn’t necessarily recommend following the “Little Debbie Pecan Spin Wheel for breakfast, Twinkies for lunch, cake for dinner and Doritos for dessert” diet he followed but he does think people should be more open-minded and creative when it comes to weight loss. If you can’t afford fresh, organic produce, maybe junk food isn’t a horrible alternative… as long as you stick to your calorie limits.

What is your take on the junk food diet?

This is MUCH more appetizing, imho.

Personally, I know I would feel awful. When I used to eat sugary foods, I would get migraines, feel run-down and generally just feel blah. Fresh fruits and vegetable, lean proteins, brown rice and green tea make me feel good. And though I sometimes do think about sugary junk foods, I don’t ever really want to eat them because I know how they make me feel afterwards. There’s no way I’d eat them as my 3 main meals a day!

And even if he’s lost weight and his cholesterol levels have improved (probably because he’s reduced his intake of dairy and meats). I can’t help but wonder what that diet is doing to his blood glucose, insulin and hormone levels…

Would you ever try a junk food diet? Do you subscribe to the idea that ANY diet can be good for you as long as you’re sticking within your calorie limit?


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Flat-tummy Friday

My body aches. Not painful omg-I-can’t-move aches, but hey-I-haven’t-used-THOSE-muscles-in-a-while ache. Since I haven’t been to a gym or done any significant workouts, I can only credit it to luggin a bunch of boxes around the office yesterday and coughing like a mad woman due to this cold. I remember when I had whooping cough a couple years ago – worst illness of my life! – I would joke that at least my abs were getting a hell of a workout.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I couldn’t stop looking at and poking my stomach. No, I haven’t really worked on getting it tight and toned, per se, but I’m definitely seeing it start to shrink a little. Nothing drastic, but I definitely notice. When I get downstairs, I blurt out “Look how flat my stomach’s getting!!” Andrew looks at me – and my stomach – and says “It looks amazing. Same as always”. Some people might be annoyed that their boyfriend hadn’t already noticed and praised the shrinking waistline, but I actually think it’s sweet. He really doesn’t nitpick my body the way I do and honestly thinks I look great. “It’s because I haven’t had chocolate in 3 weeks!”, with that slight tone of self-praise and a smile, and carried on getting ready for work.

I’ve decided not to measure or weigh myself. Not yet, at least. Possibly at the 4-week mark? Not so much to see how much I’ve lost and how much I’ve got left to work off, but more out of interest and curiosity to see what a small change in diet and exercise can do over the course of a month.
And some Friday randomness:

  • Apparently an almond on top of a dried apricot tastes like a cookie, satisfies sugar cravings and has 24 calories. I’m going to test out this theory next time I get a sugar craving. Bonus – no gluten!


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